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'Big Brother' Fans Are Ready For Jack's Eviction

Big Brother is a game show unlike any other. The players live together, depend one each other, and eventually vote each other out of the house and out of the game. They can also be watched on a live stream, which a lot of fans flock to between the three episodes that air each week. Lately, the live feeds have given a deeper glimpse into who Jack is. And the tweets about Jack on Big Brother prove that fans have turned on him.

Unfortunately for him, it is because of the things he has said and done on the Big Brother live feeds. Despite other fans only seeing the watered down version of him on the actual episodes, Jack might not have shown the best side of him on the live feeds so far, which has forced other fans to turn against him. Some have even rallied for his immediate eviction because of the offensive comments he has made about Kemi and his behavior toward Ovi.

It's unlikely that an online petition will have much of an effect on Big Brother, but it just further shows how the tide has changed for Jack. Whereas fans were all googly-eyed for the Jason Mamoa look-alike during the season premiere, a lot of the same fans have now done a complete 180.

For a reason as yet to be revealed, Jack has had it in for Kemi since before the live feeds started up. There was a period of time that the houseguests were in the house before the live feeds began, so something could have went down between them. So far, though, no one has said what, if any, beef Kemi and Jack have that has made him harbor so much animosity toward her.

In one clip from the live feeds, Jack said about Kemi, "It's like, b*tch you're f*cking going up and you can play for your veto, but I'm gonna f*ck you up. God, dude, she gets me so hyped! I f*cking hate…" It was at that point that the feed cut to another camera. Fans used their own imaginations to try and figure out how Jack ended that sentence and not many are in favor of giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Jack has also referred to Jessica, who is Latina, as "Consuela," likely as a derogatory nickname. And he has been equally rude to Ovi, despite none of these houseguests doing anything to provoke Jack. In one clip from the live feeds, Jack called Ovi a douche for no clear reason as soon as Ovi was out of earshot. It looks to me like his head is a little big after being part of the largest alliance in the house, but that doesn't give him any reason to treat the other houseguests poorly.

Jack’s behavior on the live feeds has been so frequent and almost aggressive toward the other houseguests that production gave him a warning. In a recent live feed, Jack came back from the diary room and told the other houseguests that he now has to watch what he has to say.

Another fan on Twitter posted a video from the live feeds where Jack refers to both Jessica and Kemi as maggots. I’m all for rivalries in the Big Brother game and honestly, the game doesn't work if everyone gets along with no issues. It just seems like a lot of targeting specific people way too soon in the game.

There might be time for Jack to turn his attitude around and correct his actions with some of the other houseguests. If he doesn't do that soon, however, he could completely lose any fan base he might have hoped to gain by being on the show.