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Twitter Is Mad At Beyonce's Dad For Doing The Most Dad Thing Ever

So far, the only on-the-record voice confirming the birth of Beyoncé's twins is that of her father, Mathew Knowles. On Sunday, the day after the media began reporting in earnest that the new additions were here, Knowles took to Twitter to reiterate what the anonymous sources had been spilling to Us Weekly, People, and the like. "They're here!" he wrote in both an Instagram post and Twitter post featuring graphic that read "Happy Birthday to the twins!" Unfortunately for Knowles, his mentions soon blew up — and not entirely with congratulations. Actually, Twitter isn't happy that Beyonce's dad shared the twins news before Beyonce herself did, and members of the Beyhive have been fairly ruthless in taking him to task for what they see as a major indiscretion, or maybe even a break of trust.

Of course, there's no way to know for sure right now why Knowles posted what he did, or whether or not he had his daughter's permission to do so. Amid the barrage of unconfirmed, anonymously sourced reports — that the twins are reportedly a boy and a girl, that they were reportedly born in Los Angeles Monday, and that the newborns are supposedly still in the hospital — it's certainly possible that Knowles' official revelation is just part of the master plan Bey's PR team undoubtedly devised months in advance. After all, it's innocuous and cheerful enough.

In his posts, Knowles wished the twins a "happy birthday" and signed the image, "Love, Granddad." Knowles included his Instagram username for good measure (in case the twins already have their own accounts, because let's be real, they're already way ahead of the rest of us).

Assuming Knowles simply posted the messages out of excitement without realizing what he was doing, it's a sweet gesture. But, for some Bey diehards, that a lot to assume — and they were quick to tweet Knowles to let him know he's on notice. And, oh my gosh, the memes — starting with those who unequivocally believe he should have kept his lips zipped:

Because, for some reason, not everyone was convinced that Bey's dad had her permission to go public:

It's no secret that Bey and her dad have a complicated relationship. According to The Fader, he worked as her manager for years before their professional split in 2011; That was two years after Knowles and Bey's mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, went through a messy separation. Beyoncé and her sister, Solange, did not attend their dad's subsequent wedding to model Gena Charmaine Avery in June 2013. Still, Knowles is believed to be the subject of some of Bey's art, both flatteringly as in the 2003 single "Daddy," as well as not so favorably. For example, in a spoken portion of the 2016 visual album, Lemonade, Beyoncé blends the image of both her dad and her husband, Jay Z, when she says "Did he bend your reflection?/Did he make you forget your own name?/ Did he convince you he was a god?"

Perhaps because their relationship has been rocky, Knowles found out that his daughter was expecting twins at the same time her fans did: when she announced the news on Instagram in February, Entertainment Tonight reported. Which may be part of the reason that some Bey fans are unconvinced that his intel is even accurate:

Honestly, they just don't believe he's in the loop:

With any luck, all these Twitter users will get some confirmation from the parents themselves very soon. When that happens, no one will be thinking about Mathew Knowles' perceived gaffe anymore — especially when Beyoncé offers up pics of the babies.