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Caelynn & Hannah B.'s Drama On 'The Bachelor' Has Fans Taking Sides

As the resident former pageant queens on The Bachelor this season, Caelynn and Hannah B. were bound to butt heads. Add to that the fact that they competed against each other for Miss USA 2018 and it was a recipe for reality TV gold. Their past finally came to light Monday night and Twitter reactions to Caelynn and Hannah B.'s drama on The Bachelor shows that fans are taking sides.

The women were once more friends than enemies, but competing and developing an issue with each other that was brought up in a different situation on The Bachelor made for more drama between them. Part of this reignited feud likely has something to do with the fact that they're competing for the love of the same man, but I honestly didn't expect it all to come to a head so early in the season.

Still, fans are here for it. Most Bachelor fans already have their fantasy rosters full for the season and sides have been picked between Hannah B. and Caelynn. It was probably best that all of the drama get out in the open and dealt with now before Colton and the women start jetting off to different states and countries. No matter where you stand on the current Bachelor feud, it's probably going to get more dramatic before things settle down between Caelynn and Hannah B.

According to Caelynn on The Bachelor, her friendship with Hannah B. went south as Caelynn saw more success in the Miss USA 2018 pageant. She also said that now, in The Bachelor mansion, she's noticed similar behavior toward her from Hannah B. Some fans are inclined to agree with Caelynn.

When Colton confronted Hannah B. about it, she told him that Caelynn is fake with him and hasn't yet shown her true colors. "I honestly believe that if you picked her at the end, you would never see the full person," Hannah B. told him. So basically, it was the kind of pageant rivalry fans already expected. And, likely, what Bachelor producers had hoped for when they cast them both this season. Since it's a she said/she said situation, though, it's hard to figure out who really is here for the *right* reasons.

Unfortunately, tattling on another contestant never works out on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Most of the time, it results in an uncomfortable love triangle that Bachelor or Bachelorette wants out of as soon as possible. And, more often than not, it all ends with an epic two-on-one date to effectively get rid of one of the contestants. Sadly, that's the road I see Caelynn and Hannah B. heading toward. Although one of them could very well be telling the truth about the other being manipulative, Colton may always have a little shred of doubt in the back of his mind.

As of right now, there are still very few details about why Hannah B. and Caelynn don't get along other than their past as pageant rivals. Although some fans have chosen sides and are standing behind one or the other, there are other fans who are just over it. As in, they're ready to see both women gone on The Bachelor as soon as possible.

Chances are, Hannah B. and Caelynn's drama will follow them on the upcoming Bachelor travels this season until Colton sends one or both of them home. I still don't see either contestant ending this season as Colton's fiancé, though, after these seeds of doubt have been planted, sullying both of their names in Colton's mind whether he realizes it now or not.