Monty Brinton/CBS

'Big Brother' Fans Just Aren't Feeling Jack & Michie's Bromance

by Chrissy Bobic

The Big Brother 21 houseguests are barely into week two and already, Jack and Michie seem to be running the house. They are in some powerful alliances and have dominated the Head of Household picks for two weeks in a row. That takes some genius game play, both physically and socially, and now they have the first official bromance of the season. Unfortunately for them, the Twitter reactions to Jack and Michie’s bromance on Big Brother prove that they might be even more unlikable to some fans as a two-man team.

Some fans on Twitter pointed out that bromances are eventually targeted. This can be true because of the way other houseguests get annoyed with them, or because they pose a threat as one cohesive unit. Other fans are already over Jack and Michie individually, so putting them together is even worse for those fans. Don't get me wrong — I think Big Brother bromances can be funny and liven up the episodes. But with the backlash Jack and Michie have already received for being accused of making racist comments on the live feeds, a lot of fans are failing to find the charm in their friendship.

It’s hard to deny, however, how much power Jack and Michie have as a team, even without the alliances they have already built up. So even if Big Brother fans aren't feeling it, the men seem happy to work together any chance they get.

Jack and Michie’s bromance began almost immediately after they met upon entering the Big Brother house. As soon as they saw each other, they seemed to see kindred spirits in one another and they formed a tight bond over working out. In much the same way many women immediately swooned over Jack's Aquaman-Light good looks, Jack and Michie saw each other across the kitchen and knew they could be best buds this season.

It also helped that Michie immediately nominated himself for the role of camp director. That likely only heightened Jack’s interest in partnering with the athletic houseguest. Not long after, they continued to bond and develop their friendship. And, it seemed, before the Big Brother 24 hour feeds even went live, Jack and Michie’s bromance was born.

Like showmances, bromances in the Big Brother house are something that some fans look forward to each season to better feel out the houseguests. And sometimes, these bromances can be adorable. Winston and Brett from last season, for example, are still one of the more memorable bromances to come out of the franchise. And Boogie and Will from Season 2, who had their own alliance, Chilltown, are still a favorite team among hardcore fans. This time around, the big bromance of the season doesn't seem to have captured fans’ hearts as easily.

Part of the reason why some fans are already over Jack and Michie's alliance could be all of the drama that has been going on on the live feeds rather on the actual edited episodes that air three times per week. Fans have witnessed Jack being malicious and downright mean behind some of the other houseguests’ backs, calling Ovi, a houseguest of color, a "brown flame" and repeatedly talking about how much he doesn't like some of the other "floater" houseguests, and without probable cause, it seems.

Michie has also been accused of being aggressive toward his fellow houseguests. Fans who watch the live feeds have witnessed Michie making comments about David and Jessica and even said that he thinks Jessica should "go back to Mexico." Because of the continuous problematic remarks from both men, some fans are finding it hard to relate to them and root for them as a team.

There might still be time for Jack and Michie to turn things around and redeem themselves in the eyes of fans. But they have so much power in the house right now and seem to thrive in this bromance that I don't see them toning down any of their competitiveness anytime soon. In the end, though, their bromance could be what foils their collective game.