The Rookies On 'The Challenge' Are Taking The Lead This Season

Seeing returning players have their chance to take home the prize money on The Challenge is fine, but there is something fun about seeing rookies burst onto the scene and steal the show. On The Challenge: War of the Worlds, most of the newbies banded together to have each other’s backs and now that the season is coming to an end, it’s clear that their strategy worked in their favor. And the Twitter reactions to the rookies on The Challenge prove that they can all hold their own.

I can appreciate the return of CT and Johnny Bananas as much as the next Challenge fangirl, but Theo, Georgia, Turbo, and the other rookie competitors this season have remained in the lead for a couple of weeks now. Although some of them have no problem working with the vets to secure their places in the finals, most of the rookies have leaned on each other and proven time and again that they all have what it takes to potentially win this thing.

Some of the returning players are still underestimating the rookies. Nany was sure that she would win in a Killing Floor competition against Georgia, and when Georgia pulled through, it was a big shock for Nany, who is already well known as a fierce Challenge competitor. And although Dee and Mattie made a deal with Wes to work with him and keep each other safe, I don't think they necessarily need him to get further in the game. Veterans and rookies have already gone home this season, but from the way it looks right now, a rookie could win The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

At the beginning of the season, despite there being so many rookies, it wasn’t about rookies vs. vets. Instead, the season began with both sides working together in pairs. As soon as the teams were disbanded, however, it became clear that the UK alliance was growing stronger by the day and that they could potentially win more competitions if pitted against veterans.

That’s not to say that all of the newbies could beat all of the vets in the upcoming challenges. Wes and Cara Maria, for example, are incredibly strong competitors whether they do politicking or not. I know that Theo is strong, but pitted against Wes, I’m not sure if he would necessarily win every time.

Turbo already competes like he isn't a rookie this season. If I didn't know any better, I would think that Turbo has already been around The Challenge block. Part of what makes the rookies so strong is the fact that they all have this confidence that helps each of them propel themselves further in the more intense competitions. And fans on Twitter can see how strong the rookies are compared to the vets.

I can already see a lot of the rookies this season returning for The Challenge Season 34. Not only do competitors like Bear bring the drama that viewers live for, but others, like Mattie, have been put against enough returning players to show that most of the rookies this season have what it takes to compete again. Only next time they might be even stronger after having been through it all this season already.

Some of the vets, like Da'Vonne, have recognized the strength of the rookies. While she has an unofficial alliance with Paulie, she also developed a friendship with Georgia this season. Real recognize real, right? In some ways, that puts the rookies at risk if some of the stronger vets target them in the final competitions. However, it continues to show how strong The Challenge rookies are this season. And if they continue to work together like this, one of the rookies is bound to win the prize money at the end.