Bear Is The Kind Of Player Fans Want To See Return In 'The Challenge' Season 34

The Challenge is nothing if not unpredictable in game play and the twists throughout each season. But one thing you can almost always count on is memorable players returning to the game. Bear was one of the most dramatic contestants on War of the Worlds, so naturally fans either loved or hated him. That’s what producers seem to look for in their returning players, so fans might be wondering if Bear will be in The Challenge Season 34.

It’s not unheard of for some of the same players to pop up from one season to the next, especially if they gained enough fan reaction and they are available to film right after. There were a lot of the same competitors on War of the Worlds, for example, who had just competed for the prize money on Final Reckoning. And since new players were introduced this season, like Bear, it’s possible that he might have been asked to come back for Season 34 to bring some of the same spunk, drama, and all around outrageous behavior that made some fans hate him and helped Georgia fall for him.

Bear hasn't given any clues on Instagram about coming back to The Challenge, but it could be telling that he’s been training in a boxing ring and has kept up with promoting War of the Worlds. MTV hasn't yet announced who will be in the Season 34 cast, but if Bear’s performance this season was basically an audition for a future installment of the series, I’d say he’s as good as cast.

In 2018, Rolling Stone spoke to The Challenge co-creator Jonathan Murray and Julie Pizzi, the president of entertainment and development for Bunim-Murray Productions about picking competitors for each season and how they choose who to cast. Pizzi explained that when one season is airing, producers are already working on the details, cast, and location for the next season. And while this season certainly introduced a lot of new faces that hardcore Challenge fans had never seen before, part of the beauty of that is hopefully creating more epic players like Johnny Bananas, Wes, and CT.

Murray admitted that it can be a hit or miss situation in casting new people. As fans know, there are typically multiple eliminations at the start of any given season which is sometimes an attempt to weed out the less competitive or camera ready competitors. "In my experience over the years, [memorable players] have to be a very competitive person – not 'Oh, I just like being around. It’s just fun.' You want a person who takes some ego satisfaction from winning," Murray said.

Honestly, that describes Bear quite well. He already gained a wide fan base after appearing in Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother 18 (which he won) in the UK. Couple that with the new fans he won over after being being totally over the top on The Challenge this season and he does seem like a player who would be asked to come back.

The Challenge contestants do sign contracts when they agree to be on each season. For some players, these could be multi-year contracts to sort of lock down specific competitors who producers can already see will make it far and stir the pot. If they have the stamina to outplay some of the other competitors and the personality to create a lot of drama, then they are pretty golden in the world of MTV reality.

The official cast for Season 34 of The Challenge hasn't been announced yet, so right now, there is no confirmation that Bear will be back. But given his track record with reality TV in general and the fact that he was one of the most memorable players this season, there’s a good chance we haven't seen the last of him.