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'Bachelorette' Fans Are Rooting For Mike As The Next 'Bachelor'

Mike has low-key been a fan favorite this season on The Bachelorette. He hasn't been at the center of any of the drama, though, so it has been harder for him to get close to Hannah than it was for some of the other guys. Unfortunately, because of their lack of time together, Hannah had to send him home before hometown dates. But now, fans think he deserves a second chance and Twitter wants Mike for Bachelor.

At this point, he would probably be the best candidate for the role, if you ask me. If the idea is to select the next Bachelor from the pool of Hannah's suitors this season, Mike is easily one of the more genuine options. Hannah seemed legitimately disappointed that she had to send him home, but Mike understood that the feelings weren't there on her part. And when they parted amicably, if a little emotionally, Mike was as classy as he has been all season long.

If Hannah's heart wasn't all in with Mike, then it made sense to send him home before hometown dates. But as fans watched the emotional scene between the two of them, it confirmed for some of them that Mike should be the next Bachelor.

Throughout the past 17 years that The Bachelor has been on TV, there has not been a black male lead. I think it's well past the time for the show to feature one and Mike is the perfect man to slide in and fill that role. He might not have been given the typical Bachelor edit on The Bachelorette this season and there are still some things to learn about him to get to know him better. But Mike is kind, patient, genuine, and charismatic. I'm pretty sure those are all on the checklist for Bachelor leads. If the producers want to defer to what the fans want, it's pretty clear.

Although some fans on Twitter felt for Mike after he was sent home Monday night and may have been swayed because of that, other fans were rallying for him to be the next Bachelor long before Hannah broke things off with him. That says a lot about how Mike has come across on her season and how strong of an impression he has made from the beginning. In fact, while some of the other men were being catty with one another, Mike was either a voice of reason or someone who tried to stay out of it. Either way, that screams Bachelor a lot more than the likes of Luke P. or Garrett.

It's not unusual for Bachelorette producers to keep an eye on the men during any given season in an effort to potentially cast one of them as the next Bachelor. There's a chance, then, that they might be considering Mike as the Season 24 Bachelor. As of right now, there hasn't been an official announcement yet about the next Bachelor, so Mike may or may not be in the running. But given his journey on The Bachelorette this season, it definitely seems possible.

In the past, however, not all Bachelor leads came from the preceding season of The Bachelorette. Arie, for example, was made the Season 22 Bachelor years after he had appeared on The Bachelorette. And Nick's season of The Bachelor came after he had already been on The Bachelorette twice and Bachelor in Paradise once. In that regard, Mike might have some stiff competition. But that hasn't stopped Bachelorette fans from campaigning for him.

Until The Bachelor franchise says otherwise, I have a feeling that fans will continue to rally for Mike as the next Bachelor. And after the impression he made on The Bachelorette, I wouldn't expect anything less.