Joe Biden Is Predicted To Be The Next President By A Person Who Is Not Even Walking Yet!
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

This Video Of A Baby Predicting Biden For President Will Ease Your Election Anxiety

If it were up to the America's tiniest citizens, the 2020 election would have been called. Indeed, an adorable viral video of a baby choosing Joe Biden for president has joined a list of other children who've predicted the former vice president could be our next commander-in-chief.

After this historically long and stressful election week, you'll surely enjoy watching this video shared by Cynthia Andrew, a mom, blogger, and attorney based in New York City. "[What] it’s come down to in our family chats. We’re leaning on the babies... hope this serves as a little comedy relief cos I know I needed it," Andrew captioned the video shared on Twitter and Instagram on Nov. 5.

The short clip starts with the little girl being shown two black and white photos of President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

"Who is gonna win? Who? Pick one," Andrew asked her in the video, which has gotten over 13,200 likes on Instagram. The baby ultimately grabbed the picture of Biden and cheers followed.

Viewers loved the simplicity of her decision, like one who commented, "We should’ve just let her pick hours ago," as the voters anxiously continue to wait for election results.

Another person touched on the tight race the nation is currently witnessing. "Love the almost Trump, Biden pick lol. That’s exactly the limbo we dealing with now," they commented.

Andrew, a fashion blogger and mother of twins who's written about the challenges of her pregnancy on her website, is hardly the only parent with a child who favors Biden. As a matter of fact, Biden also won Nickelodeon’s Kids Pick the President: Kids’ Vote. The fun informal poll included 90,000 kids, with Biden receiving 53% of the votes and Trump receiving 47%.

As ballots are still being counted in battleground states, only time and a lot of patience will tell if Andrew's little one and thousands of other kids were right.