Get In The Spooky Spirit With A Virtual Ride On Disney World's Tower Of Terror

While a visit to the "happiest place on Earth" isn't in the cards for many families this Halloween due to the COVID-19 health crisis, you can still virtually ride Disney World's Tower of Terror safely at home. A virtual experience might not bring the same stomach-dropping thrills as the actual ride does, but your little ones who don't meet the height requirement could get a taste of the terror in store. Silver linings, right?

The Twilight Zone-inspired ride, located in Disney World's Hollywood Studios, has been catapulting riders into the sky and bringing them down to Earth for more than 25 years. But before you take the leap and (virtually) hop on the ride, here's what you need to know. The Tower of Terror takes park visitors into the Hollywood Tower Hotel, frozen in time. People are invited to sit in the elevator lift, which then propels them up and down the elevator shaft, which offers a thrilling 13-floor drop.

The park warns that the sudden and fast drops in the dark, enclosed elevator shaft might be too frightening for some younger guests. But, the online ride experience provides some lightness to the experience. Disney's ride and learn of the Tower of Terror takes guests through the super spooky lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel before bringing them on the ride. Sure, the drops only last just a few moments in the video, but it's still a fun way to revisit it if you haven't been to Disney World in a while. And if you've never been on the Tower of Terror before, consider this a suitable replacement until you can ride the real deal.

The best part about this virtual ride-along is that you don't have to wait in the long lines (with enforced physical distancing) or pay the cost of admission to take part in the experience. But, to accommodate riders during the pandemic, Disney World has added plexiglass dividers between the rows of seats in the Tower of Terror ride for park visitors, according to Walt Disney World Today.

If you're still in the mood for going to Disney without actually visiting the parks, it's super easy to go on another virtual Disney ride. There are dozens of ride alongs on YouTube that can still satisfy your Disney desires. You can splash along with Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or chill with Anna and Elsa on Frozen Ever After — although they're not as spooky as the Tower of Terror.

Consider making Disney's scarily delicious pumpkin bars or famous pumpkin twists to go along with virtual riding experience.