Walmart's Labor Day Sale Will Save You Major Money On TVs, Beds, Bikes & More

America's national day off, otherwise known as Labor Day, brings many gifts: the last barbecue, a final splash in the pool, and, most importantly, end of summer sales. You can find discounts pretty much everywhere, so prioritizing is important as you get your retail on. Walmart's Labor Day sales are particularly great, so you should definitely add a stop at the super store to your shopping game plan.

Since Walmart sells a little bit of everything, you can find discounts on all kinds of products you need for your home during their Labor Day promotion. (Meanwhile, don't forget to stock up on new duds for the whole family at the Gap's Labor Day sale.) Whether you want to use the savings for bigger ticket furniture items or just get some toys for the kids at a discount, Walmart has you covered. It's a great time to stock up on supplies you might need for the fall, like cooking tools for tailgate season or general household items. Better to lug bigger items to the car when it's warm than wait until it's cold in a few months, right?

Plus, you can order items directly to your home from the site, or order items to your local store and go pick them up. You can head to the Walmart Labor Day landing page to see the full list of discounts, and read on here for a look at some of the best savings they have to offer.



Fall usually leads to fights over the television at my house, with half of us wanting to watch the latest season of Grey's Anatomy and the other demanding ESPN be on at all times, so having an extra screen at the house would come in handy. And since this 50-inch Sceptre is half off, it's a no brainer. Plus, peace in the home is priceless.


BELLA Microwave

In need of a new microwave? This cute purple option from Bella is most appealing for its fun color and low price tag, but it's also got five different power levels that will ensure your food gets cooked as needed. It's the pop of color your kitchen has been needing.


Blaster Role Playset

Think of this bike as a back-to-school season treat for your little one. It's got a fun fire design, and it comes with removable training wheels so your it'll grow with your kid. They'll stand out from the pack.


Camrose Farmhouse Round Slat-Top Table

This patio table is half off for Labor Day, but you can enjoy outdoor time on it long past that weekend. It's designed to be safe for indoor or outdoor use and isn't too big, so you can fit into your life however you see it. It can solve your small space needs.


Crock-Pot 8 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

You can't have a Crock-Pot that's about to give out right before the holiday season starts, and the discount on this 8-quart version makes it the perfect time to replace. It's big enough to make meals that serve ten people, and the programmable features and digital touch pad that make all the difference. You'll be glad you bought it for many meals to come.


Pyrex Storage Plus Set, 14 Piece

If you're going to be cooking in bulk with your Crock-Pot, you'll need containers to store the leftovers in. This Pyrex set has a variety of sizes, and all the pieces are refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and top-rack dishwasher safe. And 14 pieces for under $20 is a downright steal.


Stackable Small Laundry Hamper

Rather than having your kids dump their dirty laundry in an open basket, invest in these stackable and closable hampers. They're available in five colors, and since they come in a pack of two, you can make it easy for your kids to separate lights and darks. A solution that keeps clothes off the floor? I'm in.


Bakeware Set

This baking set has everything you need to become a baking master. Plus, it has pizza pans, and it's not too big so you can fit the pieces into a toaster oven as well. It's good for nights when you're making food for the immediate fam rather than a large group.


Twin Bed

This big kid bed will make all the difference for your growing kiddo as they adjust to non-crib life. The metal bed is available in four colors, and it doesn't require a box spring. It's built to last, and it'll keep your kiddo cozy for years to come.


Prepaid Iphone

An iPhone is always a pricey purchase, but this 6s Plus with 32GB of storage won't put as much of a dent in the wallet. You'll save $200 if you buy it during the Labor Day sale, and it's easy to set up your Straight Talk Wireless unlimited data plan with it in-store. Use that extra $200 to get your partner one, too.