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Was Paulie Calafiore Engaged? The 'Big Brother 18' Star Has Received Backlash On Twitter

This season of Big Brother has been one for the books – when it comes to the showmances at least. While Big Brother 18 hasn't been the most dramatic season ever (yet) and most of the evictions have gone pretty much as expected, it definitely stands out just for the sheer showmancing aspect. We've gotten three solid showmances this season and all were fairly long term – for a reality show taking place over 90 days, anyway. We have Paulie/Zakiyah, Corey/Nicole, and James/Natalie, who have all lasted pretty much since the beginning. But was Paulie engaged, before he left to be on Big Brother?

Since entering the house, Paulie's social media been set to private, despite being public at the beginning of the season. Back when we were all speculating about who entered the house romantically unattached (so we could guess potential showmances), a look into Paulie's Instagram account unearthed several photos of Paulie and one young woman. One photo's caption called the unknown woman his "real-life princess"; apparently it was taken while the two were at Disney World. But those photos dated back to November 2015, and there were no remaining photos with Paulie's mystery lady after that time.

Now, in the first big outside-of-the-house twist of BB18, unconfirmed rumors that Paulie was allegedly engaged (or nearly engaged) before moving into the Big Brother house have been spreading via Twitter. Romper reached out to Paulie's team for comment but did not hear back at the time of publication, so there is no indication that there's truth to the allegations.

It all began with one tweet sent out Wednesday evening. The tweet was from Krista DeBono, best known as a contestant on The Amazing Race Season 27 and a former New York Jets cheerleader. The tweet announced that Krista and Tiffany Chantell Torres, Krista's partner on The Amazing Race, had news to share about Paulie.

This seemed to have been spurred on by a BB live feed account tweeting about Paulie expressing his dislike of "Jersey girls," a sentiment which Krista responded to in annoyance.

Then, Krista let loose with her "news about Paulie," alleging that he "gave a ring" to one "Jersey girl" before leaving for Big Brother. Again, none of this has been confirmed by Paulie or his family, so take it with a grain of salt.

At that point, Tiffany jumped in to back up Krista's story, claiming that the "Jersey girl" that Paulie proposed to (allegedly a "beautiful cheerleader from Jersey") denied his proposal because she'd allegedly caught him cheating on her – with five different women – and then gave the ring back to Paulie's mother. Yikes.

When asked how they knew Paulie, Tiffany explained that, apparently, Paulie had dated a good friend of Krista's and hers. Tiffany and Krista also confirmed that they were friends of Natalie's, having cheered together earlier in their cheerleading careers.

Ironically, according to live feeders, Paulie had just referenced Tiffany by name while talking about Natalie, claiming that Tiffany had just gone on the Amazing Race to get more Twitter followers – an allegation then shot down by one of the show's producers via Twitter.

While it definitely wasn't cool for Paulie to bring Natalie's friends up only to insult them, his rumored proposal (and rumored infidelity), are still just that – unconfirmed rumors.