'Pretty Little Mamas' Still Hasn't Returned To MTV

Fans of Pretty Little Mamas were surprised when they tried to watch Episode 3 of the new reality series, only to find out that it was no longer airing in its usual time slot on TV. In fact, the show was pulled from the MTV app and from the website, too. It was almost like it had never been on in the first place. And now that it’s been a few weeks since Episode 2 aired, you have to wonder, was Pretty Little Mamas cancelled?

There still haven't been any updates to the official Pretty Little Mamas Instagram account and none of the cast members have addressed fans’ questions about whether the show was cancelled. It's in a virtual limbo. Since it was mysteriously taken off air, MTV’s Canadian site has restored its page online and you can now watch the first two episodes online again. It even says that the show airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET, but that doesn't explain why Pretty Little Mamas went on an unannounced hiatus or why Floribama Shore is on the schedule in the time slot instead of Pretty Little Mamas.

According to TVGuide.com, there are no airings scheduled in the next two weeks, so while it’s promising that one of the MTV sites restored its page for Pretty Little Mamas, there are still no answers as to when it will be back on air or if it is cancelled.

If Pretty Little Mamas was cancelled, then I would imagine the cast would be allowed to answer fans’ questions about it and confirm the fear that it won't be back. However when fans have asked about the show on Nicole Pleskow’s Instagram and on Chandlar Walby’s Twitter, the moms haven’t answered. And all of the casts’ social media bios still have Pretty Little Mamas in them, which could mean that it will be back.

Usually when a show is cancelled, the network announces it and there’s no question either way. When shows go on hiatus, for weeks or months, some notice is typically given. That’s what makes this case so unique. No one saw the show being pulled from the air two episodes in and fans have no idea if it was cancelled or if MTV plans to bring it back. Right now, there’s no definitive answer either way, but with no answers in sight and no showtimes, it does seem like it was cancelled.

If Pretty Little Mamas was cancelled, chances are, it had to do with ratings and how it was perceived by fans. The season premiere brought in 440,000 viewers. To put that into perspective, as another relatively new MTV series, Floribama Shore’s series premiere had 840,000 viewers tune in.

While there does seem to be a Pretty Little Mamas following since fans are asking the moms where the show is and if it will be back, there was also some criticism after those first two episodes. On Reddit, one fan by the name of VictoriousssBIG23, wrote, "I found the drama on Pretty Little Mamas to be more entertaining than the past couple of seasons of TM2, even though it was obviously scripted." Another Redditor, shessolucky, said, "The show was too scripted. I never watched. But the previews were really bad." I think it’s universally understood that reality TV isn't as "real" as some might like it to be these days, but maybe Pretty Little Mamas still didn't seem authentic enough to some potential viewers.

Be that as it may, MTV hasn't made an official announcement about an actual cancellation. So until that happens, fans can hold out hope that this is just a fluke in scheduling and that Pretty Little Mamas will return.