The Fate Of 'Pretty Little Mamas' Is Uncertain

by Chrissy Bobic

When Pretty Little Mamas premiered on MTV on August, it was like The Hills and Teen Mom had a baby and fans of both shows were eager to see where the new series would go. But after just two weeks on-air, there were suddenly no new showtimes listed online or on TV. Now, there are reruns of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and Floribama Shore airing instead of the new reality show. So why isn’t Pretty Little Mamas on MTV tonight?

Fans are confused about the fate of the show and since MTV hasn't released a statement one way or the other, it would seem that it’s in limbo at this point. MTV isn't known for pulling series at the drop of a hat and if the entire first season is already filmed and edited, the network typically airs it before considering any cancellation.

The whole thing is pretty unorthodox, but that makes it more confusing for viewers who became interested in the lives of these four young moms. The women's relatively care-free and enviable lifestyle was what set Pretty Little Mamas apart from the other shows in the "teen mother" genre. And although the struggles might be a little different, after two episodes, viewers were already pretty invested in the women. The good news is that since MTV hasn't made any official announcement about the show being cancelled, it could come back on air. But that still doesn't explain why Pretty Little Mamas isn't on tonight or when it will be back.

When the series premiered, it was in the 9 p.m. ET Thursday slot right before Jersey Shore Family Vacation. This seemed ideal for a new show, since it could potentially piggyback on the success of an already well-loved MTV show. But after just two episodes, the time slot was replaced with reruns of Floribama Shore, which led to fans’ first cries of outrage. Well, they were more like cries of confusion and hope that Pretty Little Mamas isn't going to meet an early end.

One fan on Twitter did post the idea that MTV simply pulled the series to bring it back around the same time that The Hills reboot premieres in 2019. It would make sense to air the similar series together, but MTV hasn’t confirmed this theory and unfortunately, that’s all it is at this point.

For the most part, the Pretty Little Mamas cast has been silent about the network switching things up. Nicole Pleskow’s Twitter bio still mentions the Pretty Little Mamas hashtag and Cheyenne Latu’s Instagram bio also has the show listed under her name. If Pretty Little Mamas has been cancelled, then the cast might not know anything about it either.

Since there's no official word if the show has been cancelled, there’s a chance it could come back — perhaps on a day or in a time slot that MTV feels it’s better suited for. Ahead of the Pretty Little Mamas premiere, Pleskow told People that she expected some backlash from viewers who may not see the young moms’ struggles for what they are, given their more glamorous lifestyles. Still, this doesn't seem to be a case of hordes of viewers demanding the show be cancelled because they don’t support what they’ve seen in the two episodes that have aired.

For right now, it looks like MTV has chosen to pull the show from the air, but for those who still want more of these women, there’s still hope.