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Fans Think Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Baby Name Was Accidentally Revealed

The royal baby is set to arrive any day now, and speculation about the child's name is at an all-time high. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been tight-lipped about most details their first child's impending birth, but did Buckingham Palace reveal Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby name? The palace addressed what fans believed to be a major leak in a statement to Yahoo UK.

On Monday, royal fanatics noticed that putting "/prince-arthur," "/prince-alexander," and "/prince-james" after redirected to the royal family website homepage, according to the Daily Star. Other combinations, however, like "/princess-victoria" didn't produce the same results. The redirect was assumed to be confirmation that Prince Harry, 34, and Markle were expecting a baby boy, and had chosen Arthur, Alexander or James as Baby Sussex's name. Buckingham Palace assured fans that's not the case on Tuesday, however. The palace told Yahoo! UK that the redirects were set up "some time ago," and have nothing to do with the royal baby.

"A large number of search term redirects were set up some time ago on," a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace told Yahoo! UK. "This was in order to improve user experience. For guidance you will note that other names preceded by 'prince' or 'princess' produce the same result."

It's interesting to note, though, that not every name you enter followed by "prince" or "princess" redirects to the Buckingham Palace homepage. Some of the more widely speculated on potential royal baby names, however, do work. Hmm, Buckinham Palace... really?

Alas, those eager to find out what name Prince Harry and Markle, 37, chose for the royal baby will just have to wait and see. The Internet has been rife with speculation. Recently, a fan Instagram account for the couple resurfaced an interview Markle did with HELLO in 2015, in which she discussed a gift she purchase for her "daughter one day." The gift in question was a Cartier watch, purchased after Suits was picked up for Season 3. Markle told HELLO she had the watch engraved, "'To M.M. from M.M.,'" which left fans sure she's expecting a daughter called Mary.

"When I found out Suits had been picked up for our third season — which, at the time, felt like such a milestone — I totally splurged and bought the two-tone version [of the watch]," she said in the 2015 interview. "I had it engraved on the back, 'to M.M. from M.M.' And I plan to give it to my daughter one day."

As the royal baby's due date approaches, bookies like William Hill said they've seen an uptick in bets about Baby Sussex's name. Spokesperson Rupert Adams told The Sun Diana is the "red hot favorite," but that Elizabeth was also a popular choice with betters. Victoria was also popular according to the outlet. As for boy names, William Hill received bets on Arthur, Edward, James, and Phillip. The former is the favorite to win out of those four options.

One thing that's been revealed ahead of the baby's arrival is that he or she probably won't be a prince or princess. For starters, the child isn't guaranteed a title. Omid Scobie and Emily Andrews, two royal reporters, made the reveal on their podcast, On Heir: According to the duo, the Queen would have to give the royal baby, who's seventh in line for the throne (as per the Daily Star), a title. What's more, multiple sources have said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don't want to give their kids royal titles, according to Omid and Andrews.

"We've heard from several sources on both sides that the couple really hope to forgo the formality of royal titles," Scobie shared on the podcast.

It won't be much longer before the royal baby is here, and Prince Harry and Markle reveal all the details about their baby boy or girl. Fans have waited this long for information, what's a few more days?