Courtesy of Wegmans

Wegmans Won't Abandon You On Christmas Eve, But Don't Wait Too Long To Go

Moms, you have been blessed by the timing of Christmas 2018. The holiday falls on a Tuesday this year, which means the kids will have school until the Friday before the big day. You won't have that frustrating week where the little monsters run around the house making all kinds of trouble while you're trying to create Christmas magic with your bare hands. Nope, this year you have a full school week before Santa comes to get all of your prep out of the way, though you might still want to know what Wegmans' Christmas Eve hours will be just in case.

You'll definitely be taking advantage of the peaceful, kid-free week to get some of the tasks on your ever-growing holiday to-do list out of the way, but you don't want to grocery shop too far in advance. Obviously, there's the risk of the produce or bread going bad if you buy them too soon, but you also might not know exactly what you need until a little closer to Christmas day. Plus, there's something exciting about shopping with everyone prepping for their holiday meals; it feels like you're part of the very essence of Christmas itself, and you can't tell me it doesn't bring a smile to your face to see your deli guy wearing a Santa hat.

That being said, you don't want to accidentally wait too long and end up staring at a neon "closed" sign when you still need all of the ingredients for your Instant Pot Christmas Eve dinner, which is why I've got the run down on Wegmans' Christmas Eve hours for ya. As the Wegmans' website states, the go-to northern grocery store chain will be open on Christmas Eve, but all stores will be closing at 6 p.m. to kick off the holiday. Stores will remain closed on Christmas day and reopen on December 26 at 7:00 a.m. to provide for anyone whose family somehow ate everything in the fridge in one day. Quick caveat, though: Massachusetts stores might have different hours because of state laws ( can explain the rules better than I can), so you might want to contact your local store for specifics on hours if you live in the Old Colony state.

Although Wegmans locations will be closing early on Christmas Eve and closed all day on Christmas, the chain is definitely feeling the holiday cheer. They have a bunch of different options on their site for ways Wegmans can help make your holiday a bit easier, like catered dinner options, holiday dinner menus, menus you can build yourself, and party planning advice. I'm personally really glad I stumbled upon the party planning page because it breaks down a timeline of when you should start to prepare every dish on your menu, which is something I always struggle with. They also make how-to videos for cooking different entrees, which will make life way easier for any amateur cook. Check out their roast beef how-to below.

The only thing the store can't do to make your holiday a breeze is buy your family presents, so a trip to Wegmans will leave you in pretty good shape. Enjoy your week of child-free holiday prep, and know that Wegmans will be there to make the days when the kids are at home a piece of cake.

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