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Were The Cheetah Girls A Real Band? They Were A Disney Channel Favorite


Say what you will about any of the corny Disney Channel Original Movies we all endured as tweens, because the truth of the matter is that silliness aside, The Cheetah Girl movies were pretty kick ass. All three of them. Not only did they contain awesome musical numbers that you wanted to listen to even after the movies were over, but they were about an diverse and empowering all girl group. So, were the Cheetah Girls a real band?

For a time, yes they were. Of course, they stemmed from the actual movies, so the movies did come first, but I can't imagine a foursome more perfect — or more "cheetah-licious" — than Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan, Raven-Symoné, and Kiely Williams. Of course Raven had to dip out after the second movie, making things never quite the same, but the band went on.

In fact, The Cheetah Girls released two albums in the band's lifetime, one titled TCG and the other, Cheetah-licious Christmas. Because if you were a recording artist in the early 2000's, you had to put out a Christmas album - duh. Unfortunately, by 2008, five years after coming together as The Cheetah Girls, the band broke up and went their separate ways. This was after a third Cheetah Girls film and tour. After working on music for both their movies and their albums as a real life band, it became obvious that there wasn't much to them if the movies were no longer in production.

Luckily, The Cheetah Girls live on through their more popular songs, like the too catchy for words, "Cheetah Sisters" and "Cinderella." In honor of the Disney Channel Original Movie marathon Memorial Day weekend and the fact that The Cheetah Girls are kind of timeless, let's take a look at what our girls are up to these days. As a hit song once said, you best respect The Cheetah Girls, ya'll.

Adrienne Bailon

After The Cheetah Girls, Bailon signed a deal with Island Def Jam Records and began a solo career that allowed her to have two songs on the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack. She also (famously and adorably) dated Rob Kardashian for a couple years before splitting in 2009, and went on to work on TV shows like The Real and Nail'd It.

Sabrina Bryan

When The Cheetah Girls disbanded, Sabrina Bryan went on to compete in Dancing with the Stars, and then become a celebrity correspondent for the show. So, she's never really not been doing something to show off her vocals or insane dance moves since she was in The Cheetah Girls — the band and the movie.


Raven-Symoné probably had to leave The Cheetah Girls film series after the second movie because of her own music and TV obligations like That's So Raven, ever heard of it? I thought so. Anyway, since being a Disney kid in general, Raven has been pretty busy. In the past few years, she's worked on hit shows like FOX's Empire and became a regular panelist on The View. And she will likely be releasing a new album soon, so get excited!

Kiely Williams

Although Williams hasn't put out any definitive albums lately, she hasn't totally gone away since The Cheetah Girls disbanded almost 10 years ago. She appeared alongside Anna Faris in The House Bunny and Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming. As far as music goes, she's had a few singles come out in the past few years.