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Wes & Laurel Hooked Up On 'How To Get Away With Murder,' But Is He The Father Of Her Baby?

For most of us, Wes and Laurel finally having sex was a long time coming, since their friendship had given away to lots of sexual chemistry long ago. And when Wes and Laurel hooked up on How To Get Away With Murder, it actually felt pretty normal. Unlike some people. (We're looking at you, Bonnie and Frank.) But the bigger picture of all of this is that Wes and Laurel having sex three weeks before the fire means that he most likely is the father of her unborn baby. Boom. Mind blown, right?

Because a simple hookup between friends is not what we just witnessed on Thursday's episode of HTGAWM, when Laurel and Wes decided to officially cross the friendship line more than they already had with those few harmless kisses. Once upon a time, seeing Laurel with anyone other than Frank would have been hard to watch, but he's obviously off doing him right now, so Laurel has every right to give in to her feelings for the good guy of the show, which some may find to be a welcome change from the literal hitman she's been so in love with up until this point.

Still, Wes has his own heavy baggage to deal with as well, so Laurel really knows how to pick them, right?

But once you put down the celebratory wine in response to Wes and Laurel finally getting together on HTGAWM, take a second to think about what the repercussions will be. Laurel is probably now pregnant with Wes's baby, which leaves another big part of the Keating Five impacted by Wes's actions.

The last time Laurel saw Frank and slept with him, as far as we know, was way before the summer even started, so there's likely no way the baby could be his. Not to mention, it also really raises the stakes as to who's really under the sheet. Maybe Frank eventually finds out about said hookup and decides to get revenge on both of them by starting the fire in Annalise's house.

If Wes and Lauren having sex means that he's Laurel's baby daddy, and he's the one under the sheet, it's going to be hard to handle, even for all of the Wes/Lauren naysayers. Until now, Wes has seemed like a main protagonist of HTGAWM, but when it's all said and done, pretty much every member of the Keating Five is equally important, so it's plenty possible that his days are numbered. Are you freaking out yet? Feel free to do so.