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What Are Paul’s Tattoos On 'Big Brother 18'? He Definitely Has A Lot Of Them

Every season of Big Brother has to have that cool guy, and Big Brother 18 is no exception to the rule. In this case, it's Paul, who has been not only cool in the sense of looking the part, but he also thinks he's really cool, too. And along with that cool territory comes a body covered in tattoos, but what are Paul's tattoos on Big Brother? When you've got a chest pretty much covered in ink and other, smaller, tattoos peppering the remaining free space of skin on your body, it gets kind of hard to keep track. But make no mistake — Paul is vying for the role of "cool rocker guy" and his looks certainly put him in the running, even if he's way too aware of it.

Believe it or not, there was a time before the Paul we know now (and love/hate on Big Brother 18), had a life without tattoos and — wait for it — without that legendary beard. But, as he says on his Instagram account, it was a time before he "joined the man club", so say what you will about Paul's sh-t talking, veteran houseguest shaming, and Bronte live feed flirting, but the guy has come a long way to the bearded man he is today.

It's pretty hard to miss Paul's tattoos on Big Brother, especially when the dude is usually seen in either a tank top or, you know, no top at all. Which is the point of getting tatted up, I guess, because what's the point if you can't show it off? You aren't alone is wondering exactly what Paul's tattoos are, though, and you know you wish you too had the ability to zoom in on the house guests during both the show and the live feeds.

In his pre-Big Brother interview, Paul talks about being the cool, calm, and totally chill house guest in the house and being "smooth as ice", a.k.a. the cool guy. Which, OK, he does deserve some credit for since he owns his own clothing line and was a legit guitarist for a legit post-hardcore band, and not just a poser.

"I need to lay low, be the cool guy. The guy who's gonna kick his feet up, drink a beer with you, let you talk about why your life is weird, and just smile and nod."

Now, I don't know how much of that cool persona he's exerting just yet, but like I said, he looks the part, which is half the battle, right? And Paul's tattoos on Big Brother add to that cool factor - all, like, eight or so of them.

The Huge Chest Piece Made Up Of An Eagle, Lantern, Rose, Skeleton Key, And Snake

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His Ankle Tat, Paying Homage To His City And Love Of Life

L.A. forever.

The One On His Ankle That Speaks For Itself

Paul's tattoos on Big Brother haven't been a huge talking point so far, but the season is young. If he gets to stay, he'll have a lot more chances to whip off those tanks and show off his ink.