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Lauren B.'s Strong Family Values Could Give Her An In With Arie's Parents On 'The Bachelor'

In most cases, the contestants of The Bachelor have to meet the parents of the man in question before any sort of proposal can happen and vice-versa. And now that we’re down to the final two with Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season, Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham will get to meet members of his family. But since it’s plenty important what their opinion is of Arie’s final two potential brides, what do Arie’s parents think about Lauren B. on The Bachelor? She has strong family values, much like they seem to, and in the past, his parents have done well in meeting women he’s interested in.

There was Emily Maynard during The Bachelorette Season 8 of course, but also Krystal Nielson at the beginning of The Bachelor this season. At the time, Arie admitted that the last woman he’d brought home to his parents was indeed Emily, so his family probably isn't used to meeting the love interests in Arie’s life in such a formal sit-down type of way, but during their meeting with Krystal, Arie’s parents seemed supportive of his son embarking on the journey that is The Bachelor. And although it was only their first date, Arie's family warmed to Krystal quickly.

I can only imagine that with Lauren B., who Arie is in love with and secure with as a woman he may propose to, his parents will be even more open and welcoming. They haven’t come right out yet to say what they think of Lauren B. and her relationship with Arie on The Bachelor, but if he's happy, then I’m sure they’re happy too. As seen during Lauren B.’s hometown date on The Bachelor, she’s very close to her family, much like Arie is with his own, and I feel like that similarity will play a huge role moving forward, should they get engaged.

I don't think any of the women who got hometown dates were on the outs with their respective families by any means, but Arie’s parents can probably respect Lauren B. for being so close to those she loves. I mean if her aunt’s approval meant that much to her, as it seemed to in the episode, then she clearly regards those who are in her family with a lot of respect. Lauren B.’s dad said in the episode that the important things he was hoping to find in Arie were that he wasn’t self-centered or concerned with his own happiness and that he should be willing to protect Lauren B. at all costs.

To the same tune, I’m sure Arie’s mom would feel the same about her eldest son, who has come close to marriage in his 36 years, but hasn't yet been able to take the leap, partly because of having his heart broken in the past. And as long as Lauren B. is legitimately there for him, then I’m sure Arie’s parents approve of her. Arie also said during Lauren B.’s hometown date that her personality is like his own, and since that’s not something viewers heard before, that’s important to note, especially where Arie’s parents are concerned. If Lauren B. reminds them of Arie, then she’s basically home free with their stamp of approval.

With both Becca and Lauren B. as the final two, it's clear that the love is there both on Arie’s part and theirs, so choosing between them is surely going to be a tough decision for him, as it typically is for the Bachelor or Bachelorette at the end of any given season. But seeing the connection he has with Lauren B. and their easy interactions, she could definitely make Arie happy. And as long as his parents see that, then I’m sure they approve of the relationship.

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