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Eric Meets Rachel's Parents On 'The Bachelorette'

The biggest (and probably only) issue Rachel has had with Eric this season has been his inexperience with relationships. And to her credit, she was the first woman he ever brought home to meet his family, so if she’s seeing some red flags, it’s understandable. But since he’s more than proven himself to be up for the challenge of a committed relationship and love, he definitely deserves a chance. Still, what do Rachel’s parents think of Eric on The Bachelorette?

Her family has some legitimate concerns for the Bachelorette contestant, given his lack of experience when it comes to long-term relationships. And since the whole point of The Bachelorette is to end the season with a proposal, any parent would be at least a little bit concerned for their daughter to make the right choice when it comes down to the wire.

And with just three men left on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, this is definitely crunch time. On Monday night’s episode, before fantasy suite dates can even start, the men have to meet Rachel’s family, and after the rollercoaster of emotions she went through when she met theirs, it’s only fair, right?

In the preview, Rachel’s sister questions whether or not Eric is ready for marriage since his relationship experience itself isn’t very substantial. Earlier in the season, he admitted to having never been in love, which caused some of the guys to worry themselves, since apparently The Bachelorette is all about running to Rachel at any given time to basically tattle on another contestant.

But since Eric’s proven himself to be one of the sweetest and most genuine men this season and very much there for Rachel and Rachel alone, what Rachel’s family thinks of Eric is the next big important thing for them on The Bachelorette. In the promo for Monday’s episode, Rachel’s sister tells Eric, "I can see her getting there sooner than you just because you’ve never been in love," of course referring to wanting a proposal and subsequent marriage. She then asks Rachel, "Is he ready to get down on one knee? I just can’t see that."

In some ways, if Eric’s relationship experience is the most questionable aspect about him, it could be a lot worse. But on the other hand, Rachel also came into The Bachelorette looking for a future husband. Her family obviously has her best interests at heart and while they aren’t there to specifically doubt any of these men, they’re going to have some concerns about Eric on The Bachelorette.