What Do The Different Hatchimals Species Do? Each One Is Special

This year's hot new toy craze is courtesy of the folks from toy maker Spin Master. If you had to describe them to someone, it would be tough. Hatchimals are magical little toy animals, essentially a bird spliced with some other animal, and they come in an egg. As you play with the egg, you can hear your Hatchimal coo and play, until eventually, it starts to peck it's way out of the shell and hatches. What do the different Hatchimals species do? There are five different types of Hatchimals, and although you know what kind you'll get, part of the fun is not knowing exactly what color your Hatchimal will be until it hatches.

Like I said, they're in demand. They're sold out in stores, but some enterprising elves are re-selling Hatchimals on various auction sites. According to The Mirror, Hatchimals are selling like crazy in the U.K. too. Additionally, Hatchimals are temporarily on sale in Target and Walmart until supplies last.

According to, an unofficial Hatchimals fan site, right now there are five different species of Hatchimals you can buy: Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles, and Bearakeets.

Check out this video that explains exactly how to play with Hatchimals.

Here's a little more about each type.


They look like little penguins, with chubby bodies, but are covered in fur and have a sweet little soft tuft of hair on top. Pengualas come in two different colors: pink and teal or teal and yellow, according to, which describes their personality as "relaxed and clumsy."


These little creatures are faintly reminiscent of dragons, only much smaller and way more cuddly. Draggles, along with Pengualas, are the most common species of Hatchimals, according to YAYOMG! and sold through most Hatchimal retailers. According to, Draggles are "...reliable, friendly, and seek the attention of their owners."


Part owl, part unicorn, according to YAYOMG!, Owlicorns are sold at Toys "R" Us stores exclusively. According to, there are light blue and pink Owlicorns. So if you're heart is set on scoring an Owlicorn, keep an eye on Toys "R" Us stores to find out when they'll be getting new Hatchimals stock.


Burtles are a cross between a turtle and what looks like it could be a bee. Burtles are sold exclusively through Walmart stores and come in two color variations: teal and purple, or purple and teal.


Bearakeets are exclusive to Target stores and have purple and back-spotted shells, according to GottaBeMobile, which reported that their personalities are "very enthusiastic."

According to, there are likely to be many more additions to the Hatchimals lineup, making each species a collector's item on it's own. But for kids obsessed with the new Hatchimal craze, any species you can get your hands on will be sure to make the holidays special.