Bekah From 'The Bachelor' Has Some Big Plans For Her Future

When The Bachelor Season 22 premiered on Jan. 1, Arie Luyendyk Jr. met 29 contestants, but with so much demand for one-on-one time with the Bachelor, it was hard for him to get to know much about them right off the bat. This includes Bekah Martinez, who did get his attention by rolling up in a vintage convertible. So, what does Bekah from The Bachelor do for a living? Although her age is noticeably absent from Bekah's Bachelor bio, it does list her job as nanny, and as seen in her introduction video at the beginning of the premiere, she nannies a 15-month-old on a full-time basis in Los Angeles, where she currently resides.

For the most part, Bekah seems to keep her job and her Instagram world separate from each other, but as a former nanny myself, I can attest to her apparent love of taking mirror selfies in her downtime, or photos with the baby she currently cares for. She seems to have found a real calling, at least for the time being, with her work as a nanny. In fact, under a photo of herself with the sleeping baby, she wrote, "These moments make me feel like I have the most rewarding job in the world, besides actual motherhood. I love my baby cub."

I’m not saying that she and Arie should start making babies right away if they do indeed end up together at the end of the season (though it's totally their choice if they wanted to), but clearly there is a very maternal side to her that you just can’t ignore. And she did mention in her Bachelor bio that in the next five years, she hopes to be starting a family.

In addition to living her best nanny life possible, Bekah also does some professional modeling, as seen in some of her Instagram photos that showcase the variety of hairstyles and colors she’s had over the past couple of years. Clearly she can pull off pretty much any look. But then again, I don't think any of her newfound fans really doubted that.

More than anything, though, Bekah seems like she’s always up for adventure. She did mention more than once that she’s into rock climbing, and when she’s not taking part in photo shoots or caring for the baby she nannies, it seems like she’s looking for her next adventure. Although she appears to be more than content with being a nanny, she also has some very artistic aspirations.

Bekah revealed in her Bachelor bio that she also hopes to be "teaching art or owning an art studio for children" at that point, even though she hasn’t yet mentioned it on The Bachelor. According to Reality Steve, she’s a recent art student at the University of California Irvine, though it’s not clear exactly how far along in her studies she is or if she’s going to continue going to school after The Bachelor. Either way, it’s obvious that Bekah has some big plans for her future, so definitely don’t count her out as a serious contestant this season.

Bekah might have been part of the pot stirring during The Bachelor season premiere, but she seems to be pretty genuine overall and have a soft spot for babies and animals, which I can totally get behind. And being 22 years old doesn’t mean that the aspiring artist shouldn’t be taken seriously, because she clearly has some very real plans for her future in mind.

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