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Corinne's Thoughts About Vanessa Are Unclear

She might play a villain on The Bachelor, but when it comes to actual reality, it seems like Corinne is too busy with her own life to concern herself with everything going on in the show. But with all that has already happened so far this season and with Nick seeming to favor Vanessa at times, what does Corinne think about Vanessa on The Bachelor? She hasn't said much, if anything, about anyone from the show and instead has taken to social media to defend her nanny Raquel against all of the fans who have clung to that aspect of her life and can't seem to let it go.

Like most of the players from Bachelor Nation, Corinne uses social media to promote herself and her different brands, but she hasn't spent much time addressing her actions on the show or pointing out specific contestants on The Bachelor. Of course she has nothing to explain regarding her actions on the show and when it comes to the other women, she's made her feelings clear on The Bachelor.

The most she's said is that in some ways, the women are jealous of the bold moves she's made with Nick and that, as a whole, they worry too much about her progress with the Bachelor and not enough about themselves. And really, she's not wrong. But what does Corinne think about Vanessa specifically? She's been pretty silent so far.

The season is still young, though, and while Nick continues to get closer to a select few women who develop connections with him, Corinne will probably have a lot to say on the show. For right now, at least, she hasn't said anything recently. The biggest threat that Vanessa poses right now to Corinne's game with Nick is that she had a pretty successful first one-on-one date and actually brought the Bachelor to tears (the good kind), solidifying their emotional connection. Corinne has succeeded so far in holding Nick's interest and keeping herself afloat in pre-elimination ceremony roses, but it's becoming increasingly clear that Vanessa is going to be competition for her.

Corinne has never been shy about who she is and about owning up to everything she does, so if she had something to say about anyone specifically, then chances are, she'd be all about it. Even if you disapprove of Corinne's bold moves on The Bachelor, you have to admit that she's as real as they come and she definitely doesn't hold back.