Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Corinne Isn't Happy With Taylor On 'The Bachelor'

It's only Week 5 on this season of The Bachelor, but it hasn't taken long for the drama to surround Corinne in every way, shape, and form. Some might argue that she brought some of it on herself, but for the most part, it's the actions of the other women in the house who have helped in bringing out the drama in her. So when Taylor and Corinne got into it during last Monday's episode, it wasn't really surprising. But what does Corinne think of Taylor on The Bachelor now that they've come to blows on-screen?

The drama started when Taylor decided to use her mental health degree and unofficially diagnose Corinne as being emotionally unintelligent when it comes to Nick. Of course Corinne wasn't going to take that kind of berating lying down and was quick to call out Taylor for being rude, condescending, and just plain mean. In fact, when unprovoked, Corinne hasn't said much about the other women in the house.

At one point, the group as a whole shared a collective disapproval regarding her tactics of getting Nick's attention, but those ways have also gotten her multiple date roses, so she must be doing something right. Basically, Corinne has succeeded in buying into the drama in order to defend herself, but it was legitimately Taylor who provoked her and drew out their argument on The Bachelor.

When it happened, Corinne told the cameras that she wasn't happy with the way Taylor had treated her and that she was mean and disrespectful for doing so. But right now, it looks like Corinne has moved on from whatever animosity the two shared while filming. Corinne seems to use social media to promote The Bachelor at times, but also to continue to promote herself as a model. She also uses it to defend her nanny, Raquel, and her nanny's relationship with her family. But she's not in the habit of taking to Twitter to talk smack about other former contestants and honestly, Corinne is a lot more mature when it comes to all of this than people give her credit for.

Of course, she wasn't happy about the confrontation with Taylor, but she didn't lash out at her during their argument. Instead, she calmly defended herself and made it clear how she felt about being essentially bullied by the mental health therapist. Corinne may not be shy and may be open to showing Nick how she feels about him on a physical level, but when it all comes down to it, the women who are upset about it are mostly upset because of jealousy.

Corinne has used Instagram to defend herself in her captions, pointing out that she's always just being herself, but she hasn't used it as an outlet to bash or even address her argument with Taylor, so it's hard to figure what she thinks of Taylor now. When it happened, though, it's clear that she felt attacked, and she's not wrong.