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Corinne Stands Behind Her 'Bachelor' Actions

After watching Week 2 of The Bachelor Season 21, there seems to be a two-sided fandom to Corinne. Either you love her because she's so fearless and unafraid to be herself, or you love to hate her because of her aggressive techniques. Either way, though, it's hard not to be drawn to her because every calculated move she makes is more entertaining than the last. But what does Corinne think of The Bachelor? The contestant on Season 21 of the popular reality dating show has been deemed the villain of the season by some, while others have been quick to applaud her actions, like Ashley I. and Emily Ferguson (one half of "the twins"), who have tweeted support for the bold blonde.

Any way you look at it, regardless of whether or not you agree with taking off your top on a first group date or kissing Nick before any of the other women did it themselves, Corinne's actions on The Bachelor have only gotten her positive results. So what does she think of all of the attention the show is placing on her? Unsurprisingly, Corinne stands behind her actions on The Bachelor and has no apologies. But really, why should she?

It all began with an awkward first kiss on the very first night of the premiere, and while it was one that Nick was obviously surprised by, he went with anyway. Corinne did it because she, like literally every other woman in the house, really likes Nick and wanted to put their love story into action. And it certainly didn't get her eliminated. From there, she was quick to interrupt conversations in order to have her own time with Nick and to assert her feelings about being there for the sole reason of getting to know him and to make a connection with him rather than make friends. And really, she's not wrong. On an Instagram photo of herself posing with a donut pillow, Corinne captioned it with:

Haters, I 🍩 care. I was confident and I was me. Yes I seemed a bit aggressive in last nights episode but I've been through a lot in my life and I did not want any time wasted ... it takes guts to be in that situation and you will see the inner me unravel quite soon. If I bother you that much please just don't look at my social media and keep the mean comments to yourself. I'm only human. Xoxo.

On another photo from the group date wedding photo shoot, Corinne wrote: "Welp, I did always know how to make a grand entrance.. catch tonight's crazy episode of the bachelor at 8pm on ABC!"

Corinne obviously stands behind everything she's done so far on The Bachelor and isn't shy about supporting the show via social media, urging her Instagram followers (all 43 thousand of them!) to watch each week. It's clear that the 24-year-old business owner/model isn't getting the dreaded "bad edit" of The Bachelor, since she seems totally fine with the way she's been portrayed thus far and when it comes down to it, she has every right to be herself.