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Denise Richards & Lisa Vanderpump Might Be Fast Friends On 'RHOBH'

It can't be fun to be the new housewife on the block, but Denise Richards became a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills regular this season and, for the most part, she’s fitting in fine. As a new fish in a strange pond full of thrown glasses of wine and drama that goes way back, Denise has been trying to find her place in the mess that is RHOBH. And since Lisa Vanderpump is one of the OGs, you have to wonder what Denise Richards thinks of Lisa Vanderpump and if the RHOBH stars can be friends.

So far, Denise hasn't ruffled any feathers, so for all intents and purposes, she and Lisa could be friends before Season 9 is over. But because Lisa is also at the center of a lot of the drama this season and has a rocky history with Brandi, Denise’s closest RHOBH friend, they might not be sharing mimosas over brunch anytime soon.

To Lisa’s credit, she did tell Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she has no problem with Denise and Brandi striking up a friendship, despite Lisa’s own history with Brandi. She also didn't have anything negative to say about the RHOBH newcomer. Denise hasn't said much about Lisa or the drama surrounding the RHOBH star this season.

While Denise is the new housewife this season, she did cross paths with most of the other cast members before she joined them in front of the camera. Denise told the Chicago Tribune that she’d briefly met Lisa Rinna and Kyle before and had gone to a Mommy and Me class that Teddi was also in. But before RHOBH, Denise didn’t know Lisa or any of the other women very well.

Still, she said, it’s been easy to fit in with them. "The women have been so welcoming of me, and I right away really liked all of them," Denise told the newspaper. "I had such a great time, and I think they're beautiful, strong women, and no matter what goes on, any sort of discord between any of them at any time, they’re still there for each other to support one another, and I love that about them. And so right away, I felt very comfortable and immediately liked them."

She didn't say if that means she and Lisa specifically hit it off, but I assume Denise doesn't have any bad blood with her after being a cast member for just one season so far.

During a recent RHOBH episode, Lisa and Denise bonded in the Bahamas over their children and massages. They both adopted their youngest children and Denise shared with Lisa that her daughter Eloise was born with a chromosome disorder that has caused some developmental delays. Lisa was totally supportive and told Denise, "I'm sorry that it's so difficult for you, but then I see how much joy you get."

Despite any drama that may be going on between Lisa and the other women, she and Denise definitely seem to have connected. So far, the big Season 9 drama involves Dorit insulting Lisa after adopting a dog from Vanderpump Dog Center. She gave the dog to a friend after it allegedly bit her kid and then that friend eventually took it to a rescue shelter. When Lisa found out about this turn of events, she wasn't too happy, and so began an ongoing argument between Lisa, Dorit, and anyone else who may not agree with Lisa’s stance.

Although Denise hasn't said much about what she thinks of Lisa or her opinion on the ongoing drama between Lisa and Dorit, it certainly seems like Denise and Lisa got off to a good start. As long as Denise doesn't get on Lisa’s bad side this season, as it seems like almost everyone else already has, they should remain in good standing.