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Fitz's Return To 'Scandal' Might Not Be In Olivia's Best Interest

Watching Fitz try to acclimate to normal life outside of the White House was something I didn't know I needed, but once the shine of getting his own discount card at a grocery store wore off, Fitz was left with a pretty monotonous life. Then, Rowan appeared at his house to ask for help with Olivia and Fitz made the decision to return to Washington, D.C. But what does Fitz's return mean for Olivia on Scandal? His plan is concerning, especially since it might involve taking the power of B613 away from her.

Rowan's speech about Olivia on Scandal is what may have been the most concerning of all. While revealing Olivia's part in killing Luna Vargas and the fact that she's not the new Command of B613, Rowan also seemed worried about all of the power Olivia was suddenly given.

"Who runs the world?," he asked Fitz at one point. "One girl." But since it wasn't with the kind of pride you would expect from a father, it could mean that he isn't comfortable with all of Olivia's power now. And getting Fitz to do his dirty work, in a sense, could mean that the former president's return to Olivia is about reigning her in more than anything.

Although Rowan, the former Command himself, might see Olivia's sudden rise to power in the White House as potentially detrimental to others, Fitz's return to Scandal and to Olivia is likely about saving her for her own sake. Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) told Variety as much in a recent interview.

"Olivia, in some sense, has become her father — or is heading in that direction and I think Fitz sees it as like an exorcism he has to perform to get in there," Goldwyn said. "She’s swallowed the hook. In the finale of Season 6, Fitz almost did the same thing, and Olivia shamed him out of it. He thought he was the answer and could fix things with the white hat, which is exactly what Olivia thinks she’s doing, but she’s deeply deluded."

In order to help bring Olivia back from the brink of possibly becoming as ruthless and, essentially, as terrifying as her father still is, Goldwyn sees Fitz's return to Scandal as the only card Rowan has left to play. "[Fitz] knows how formidable Olivia is and how resistant she is to his intervention in anything," Goldwyn told Variety. "That’s been an ongoing problem, but in this case, it’s an act of love, and it’s going to become his mission, I think."

Fitz might be coming from a place of love after hearing from Rowan how the love of his life is starting to change, but from where Rowan's standing, it almost seems like he doesn't want to see someone else in charge, especially if that someone is his own daughter. In the same breath, he referred to Olivia as not only Command, but also a "dictator" and made it clear that because she's his daughter, she is capable of filling his shoes, though again, it wasn't said with pride, but more worry over who Olivia is becoming.

I'm not really into the idea of Fitz busting in to "save" Olivia from herself or to control her, but if she keeps taking these steps toward the dark side, she's going to need someone to help bring her back. (Though, isn't that what Mellie's been kinda doing? Olivia doesn't need any man telling her what's best for her.)

Rowan basically begged Fitz to help him bring Olivia back from the brink of darkness, but Fitz's return to Scandal will hopefully be more about being there for Olivia (if she needs and/or wants it) rather than working with Rowan to help keep her in check. Otherwise I'll have something to say about it.

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