Kristina & 'The Bachelor' Share No Hard Feelings

Even for the most outspoken contestants on The Bachelor, you have to give them credit for keeping their mouths shut while the show is airing, since they're all finished with filming and have nothing to do but wait for the season to be over. But even the most reasonable of the women no doubt also have opinions in regards to how everything went down, so what does Kristina think about The Bachelor? Not surprisingly, the contestant seems to have love for pretty much everyone she went through the journey with, Nick included.

Kristina's Instagram is full of photos of herself with some of the BFFs she made while filming The Bachelor and even some with Nick during their time together on the show. Judging by that alone, I think it's safe to say that whatever the outcome, Kristina is still a huge supporter of The Bachelor and harbors no ill will toward the other women or the Bachelor himself. Now, that could be because Kristina ends up with Nick in the end and has nothing to be salty about, but if her personality on the show is any indication, she's just an extremely good natured person. Even when Kristina confronted Corinne about her actions on The Bachelor that were bothering the other women, she was calm and super cool, so she definitely doesn't seem like the type of person to hold grudges over non-issues.

The 24-year-old dental hygienist from Kentucky (and originally from Russia) has done what a lot of other Bachelor contestants do once they're done filming: she's taken the time each week to remind her social media followers to watch the show and see what happens next. If she was over the series and the people she met while on the show, I don't think she'd be all about promoting The Bachelor or even talking about it as much as she does.

Some of Kristina's captions on her Bachelor photos on Instagram are "Did I see an angel, a ghost, or Nick Viall? Tune in Monday night for another dramatic episode of #thebachelor" and "My girl @therachlindsay gets to show Nick that she's made of sass, class, and twerk on that... nevermind. Thankful to have met such a motivated, inspiring, and genuine individual on this journey. I love and adore you Rachel Lindsay." Who needs to win a Bachelor when you already won some amazing new friends, right?

I'd say that Kristina definitely had a good time during her journey on The Bachelor, whether she ended up with Nick or not. And even if she didn't, she has literally a half dozen new best friends to cheer her up, so it was a total win-win for her nevertheless.