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What Does Natalie's Family Think Of James On 'Big Brother'? They Do Make A Cute Couple

If you haven't figured it out by now that showmances are where it's at in the Big Brother house, then you may be an even worse lost cause than the late and not-so-great Jozea. Alright, not that bad, but there is something to be said for the showmances that pop up between the most unlikely of houseguests who may not have ever met if it hadn't been for the show. Like Natalie and James, for instance. The two have grown closer and closer in the past few weeks, but there's still life outside the house, which may have you wondering what Natalie's family thinks of James on Big Brother? The hopeful coupling not only live in two different states, but come from two very different lifestyles all together. Now, that's not to say we should discredit the showmance between Natalie and James, like at all, but you have to admit, their connection was a bit of a surprise.

Natalie's family has been nothing but supportive of her since she entered the Big Brother house in June, manning the Twitter account for her, so it's pretty much expected that they, like the rest of us, are basically in love with Natalie and James on Big Brother. It's hard not to be, when they are so in tune with each other as it is and have come together out of a mutual love of pranking and being generally fun and funny. And it also helps that James if basically America's Sweetheart, so who can deny that sort of man for their daughter?

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Natalie's family hasn't said yay or nay as far as the possible showmance goes, but with the way James is obviously there for Natalie and vice versa, it's not hard to see the real connection and assume that her family is happy and supportive of them as a couple. Natalie said it herself that James is the perfect kind of guy for her out of the house, and who are we to argue with that? If it helps any, James's roommate, Jason Hester, who currently controls his Twitter account while he's in the Big Brother house, is as supportive as we expect Natalie's family to be. Plus, bonus points for using the name "Jatalie."

Right now, Natalie resides in New Jersey and James lives all the way in Texas, so their showmance extending beyond the house where they actually live together doesn't have the best odds, but while they're still in the Big Brother house, there's no harm in supporting them. Which is what I have to expect Natalie's family is doing right now, as they watch her have fun with someone in the Big Brother house, who isn't putting anyone down or trying to exclude other houseguests out of spite. Remember, he's America's Sweetheart in this scenario, you guys.

But seriously, I hope that whatever Natalie's family thinks of James on Big Brother is similar to what fans think of him from his previous season on Big Brother 17 and his current season. And that would be that James is one of the most real houseguests you'll find. They brought him back for a reason, and while I can hope it was because he was meant to meet Natalie and fall in love (wink wink, nudge nudge), it was also because James is awesome.