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What Does The Ring Of Replacement Do On 'Big Brother 19'? Another Houseguest Was Tempted


As if Big Brother 19 wasn’t confusing enough with all of the showmances and other houseguests who seem to flit from one powerful alliance to another, there are now got in-game twists to look forward to and try to figure out each week. Since they all make the game that much more interesting, it’s hard to complain. But as far as the latest twist goes, what does the Ring of Replacement do on Big Brother 19?

It wasn’t a huge surprise that America felt for Christmas and her broken foot enough to give her the Ring of Replacement, but what it offers can potentially help her quite a bit going forward. Christmas got what can only be described as her Christmas wish during Sunday's episode when she went into the Den of Temptation and saw the sparkling jewelry box waiting for her, with a huge ring sitting on the pedestal table, indicating that it was hers for the taking.

The Ring of Replacement gives Christmas the opportunity to swap places with someone in a future Power of Veto competition, which means that while she might find herself in a physical competition while recovering from her broken foot, she also has the chance to put someone else at a disadvantage. Of course Christmas accepted the temptation (do we really expect any Houseguest to turn these down this season?), but it’s not going to be without consequences, of course.

In order to accept the Ring of Replacement temptation, Christmas got to choose three Houseguests to be toads of the week, complete with costumes and lily pads. Naturally, two of them were Cody and Jessica, along with Jason. As with all of the other temptations this season, Christmas also had the choice to either tell some of her fellow Houseguests about accepting the Ring of Replacement or reveal it when she chooses to put it into play, much like when Ramses had to announce his curse at the nomination ceremony in order to be a third nominee up on the block.

The Ring of Replacement on Big Brother 19 is just another one of the many temptations the Houseguests have been faced with in a season that's all about tempting them. (I’m looking at you, Kevin, who’s still managed to remain anonymous in the whole $25,000 prize money thing.) But since Christmas’ fate, as well as the fate of her injured foot, aren’t exactly certain, it's unclear how much use the Ring of Replacement is going to be for her if she can’t use it due to her injury. We'll just have to wait and see.