Mitch Haaseth/ABC

There's No Love Loss Between Corinne & Vanessa

There's a lot that could be said about the contestants so far this season on The Bachelor. Some are still pretty timid, unsure of where they stand with Nick, while others are almost overly confident about their place in the lineup of women. But it's no secret that Corinne has stirred up some trouble, while Vanessa has worked at getting genuinely close to Nick, so what does Vanessa think about Corinne on The Bachelor? She hasn't said anything about Corinne off the show, but she did make her feelings clear to Nick on-screen.

When Corinne used the pool party at the mansion to get closer to Nick physically and took him into the bouncy castle with her (which, by the way, he had zero objections to), Vanessa and several other women were not happy. And eventually, it was Vanessa who sat down with Nick to talk to him about it. But she wasn't really angry with Corinne. After all, she was just going along with the competition show as she felt she should, spending time with the Bachelor and working at winning his favor.

Instead, Vanessa was plenty upset with Nick and she let him know it. She was more than willing to say what everyone had already been thinking, but she did make it clear that what had been going on with Nick and Corinne was not Corinne's fault.

Vanessa told Nick that watching his actions made her question what he was really looking for on The Bachelor, and as everyone involved with the show will do a thousand times throughout the season, she questioned his motives and wondered if he was there for the right reasons. "Are you looking for a wife? Are you looking for someone to f*ck around with?," she asked Nick. "Because at that point, I’d rather you just not give me a rose.” Of course nothing is really likely to hurt her chances with the Bachelor anytime soon, given that their first one-on-one date was so successful (even with all of that vomit), but it was plenty necessary for her to get it out there. (The conversation, not the puke.)

On Vanessa's Instagram, it looks like she's been able to remain close with fellow Bachelor contestants Danielle M., Taylor, and Kristina, but there hasn't been much social media contact between Vanessa and Corinne. That could either mean that there is nothing to really say and that there's no real beef between them, or that there is something to hash out, but they'd rather save it for later. Either way, Vanessa has been pretty silent about Corinne, except to tell Nick that she didn't blame Corinne and instead held him at fault for upsetting her and the other women on the show.

Corinne's stunt at the now-infamous Bachelor pool party certainly riled up the other women and Vanessa could have taken the opportunity of talking to Nick to bash her fellow contestant, but in the end, it became obvious that Corinne was just doing her part in competing for Nick. After all, that's literally what all of these women are on the show for.