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The Busby Quints Are Growing Up So Fast — So What Grade Are They In Now?

I've enjoyed watching OutDaughtered's quintuplets over time, and fans remember the show's premiere in 2016, in which they were introduced to parents Danielle and Adam Busby as the pair dealt with bringing home five newborn babies from the hospital. So, as the years have passed and their daughters have grown up, it's fair to wonder what grade the Busby quints are in now and how they're adjusting to life in school.

Well, get ready to worry that time is passing you by too quickly: The gals just last month started their first official year of preschool, according to In Touch Weekly. That means, Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker, and Riley, now 3, are officially big girls now, divided into their own classes at big sister Blayke's former preschool school (as revealed on the Busbys' blog, It's a Buzz World) and each with their own individual cubby, as the series showed. (While they were at the same school last year, it was more of a daycare situation than the formal start of preschool, just in case you're confused.)

Back when the gals were born in April 2015, they made national news for being the first all-female quintuplets born in the United States, as People reported. Since then, things have only gotten more hectic and, of course, cuter. The family has dealt with everything in these ensuing years from how Danielle could juggle part-time work to Adam realizing he was dealing with depression to little Hazel having an eye condition.

The Houston-based family has won a fanbase for their every-family appeal; Style Blueprint revealed that the Busbys met, and fell in love, working at Target years ago. Yet the spouses, who recently celebrated 12 years of marriage, haven't been shy about showing people on-air that they do have disagreements, like any couple.

One thing that's also cool about this family is that they've always managed to make the show, and their family, still very much about big sis Blayke, who started second grade this year, and OutDaughtered fans get to see how her academic year is going as well this season. “From the day that she found out that she was going to have five sisters she played with five baby dolls at a time,” Danielle told People in 2016 about her oldest. “She has been so hands on. She’ll say: ‘Oh, let me get you the wipes.’ She’s so smart.”

The mom of six also opened to In Touch Weekly about realizing she needed a career besides just being a mom (preach!). "We opened up an indoor cycling studio here, so I have that perfect life where I'm a mom — which is my No. 1 priority — and I'm a wife, and I have a career on the side that doesn't take up all of my time," she explained. "It's important for me to have the balance where I need something to make me feel complete, too. It's just a balancing game."

With a new season of the show in full swing, as the show's blog detailed, it's fun to see what's going on lately with the fam. Besides starting preschool, the quints are starting gymnastics, and Olivia is swimming like a fish. “You can only do as much as you can at that moment in time," Danielle told People in 2016 about rolling with her family's chaotic life. "Just being able to laugh about a situation."

With the Busbys' strong faith and a good sense of humor, they always seem to come out the better after going through another parenting stage.

And to answer your question: From looking at pics of the quints as teeny ones just a couple years back, the fact that they're actually in school should make you feel like time is passing quickly... because it really is.