What Happened To Carly & Kirk From 'Bachelor in Paradise'? They've Both Moved On

One Bachelor in Paradise break up to make history on the show last season was seemingly functional and in-tune couple Carly and Kirk, who ended up splitting during part one of the season finale. Their split broke hearts everywhere. Well, just one really, and that was Carly's, because as Kirk had told her himself, he was super behind on the love and feelings train. Points for honesty, maybe? But since their epic breakup, what happened to Carly and Kirk from Bachelor In Paradise? They were just on the show last season, but a lot has changed for both of them. And, thankfully, they've both moved on.

Obviously for Carly, it took more than time to heal her wounds. She apparently had to throw her Kirk feelings into a song, aptly titled Blindsided. A Song For Kirk, which is a country-esque breakup song all about how he surprised her with his loss of feelings for her and their relationship on Bachelor in Paradise. For what it is, the song is a decent start for someone obviously intent on being an official singer/songwriter, but it's nothing to write home about. But after a breakup that was totally out of left field for her and a real shock, she had to do something, right?

Kirk, on the other hand, didn't really have any feelings to work through since he was kind of the one doing the breaking up last season. Instead, he's been running Kirk DeWindt Person Training, which grew a decent amount thanks to him appearing on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise.

Since Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise, Carly and Kirk have remained broken up. Maybe because she was so intent on not hearing whatever else he had to say that she dipped out and wanted to go home before the show even ended, or maybe because he never "got there" with his feelings, but either way, a long-term relationship between the two was never in the cards. And now, they have their own things going on, apart from each other.

Carly Is Going To Be On This Season Of Bachelor In Paradise

ABC/Craig Sjodin

That's right, she's going to be back for Season 3, ready to find love again and hopefully be a little more laid back about it all. After only a few weeks with Kirk, she was talking about their extensive future, and when you're on a show like that, a few weeks can seem like a lot more than it is, but let's be real here. Five weeks is a little over a month. No one in their right mind is committing after a month of dating. Maybe if you're Corey and Topanga, but that's a whole different ball game completely.

Kirk Used His Bachelor In Paradise Semi-Fame To Promote Himself

Again, at least he's honest, right? In a Business Insider article about Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants living months without income to be on the shows, Kirk was quoted as saying that it doesn't matter because the shows give you a chance to promote your individual businesses. And, according to Kirk DeWindt, being part of the Bachelor world has helped him get noticed more by clients, giving him more exposure for his personal training business.

While it would be such an interesting twist to see Kirk on Bachelor in Paradise for a second season in a row, just like Carly will be, she'll be returning solo to find a new possible soulmate in one of the former Bachelorette contestants who will be looking for romance themselves.