What Happens If My Kid Eats Slime? The Slippery Stuff Should Be Handled With Caution

Kids love anything messy, squishy, and goopy. So it's no surprise that homemade slime has become something of a fad. That said, plenty of kids take hands-on learning to the next level by eating random stuff, DIY science experiments included. So what happens if my kid eats slime? It could be a dangerous substance to ingest.

The potential dangers of homemade slime have recently come to light. According to CBS Philly, an 11-year-old girl wound up in the hospital with severe burns after making homemade slime. As it turns out, she experienced a blistering reaction to borax, a common ingredient in many DIY slime recipes, as further noted by CBS Philly.

So what happens if your kid eats the stuff? Speculations vary. According to the website for Parents, your child would have to ingest a lot of slime in order to experience a toxic reaction to the borax. That said, the exact ways borax might affect children are largely unknown. As explained by the National Pesticide Information Center, long-term exposure to boric acid has been linked to seizures and even death in infants. However, it's not known whether children have a greater sensitivity to borax than adults. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be conclusive evidence one way or another when it comes to kids eating borax. Chances are, you don't want to offer up your own children as test subjects for this particular experiment.


If your kid does accidentally eat some slime, you can reach your local poison center by calling 1-800-222-1222. Even if you're unsure and suspect your kid may be fine, it's OK to err on the side of caution. You can also visit the website for Poison Help to learn about potential poison exposure risks and resources. If possible, having the slime recipe handy, so you know the exact amount of borax you're dealing with, is a smart move.

If this is making you rethink the slime fad altogether, there are other options. There are many safe alternatives to slime that don't include borax. In fact, some of these recipes are edible, with is the perfect option if your kid is a habitual taste tester. Your family can still enjoy non-Newtonian fluids in a fun, safe way.