What Has Frank Been Up To Since 'Big Brother'? The Former Houseguest Is Still A Super Fan

As he said himself in a catch up interview, Frank from Big Brother 12 seems to come around every four years, like the Olympics. In Wednesday's premeire of Big Brother 18, the first big twist of the show was that the four remaining contestants would be Big Brother veterans, and despite having chopped off his famous golden curls, fans were quick to recognize their Season 14 favorite, Frank Eudy. So what has Frank been up to since Big Brother 14 ended for him? For starters, he's happily employed now, and no longer the unemployed layabout he was on Season 14, and he also made a move down to Florida. But most importantly, Frank has been keeping up with the show.

Call him a fan boy, or someone who has been living in the past, but keeping up with every season of Big Brother since his ended could be the thing to help him win this time around. There's definitely no harm in keeping an eye on the competition show you lost on, and thanks to a certain level of maturity he claims to now have, maybe just telling a few white lies in the house as opposed to downright cheating will help him get far too.

In 2013, Frank also took part in supporting Give Kids The World, an organization that fulfills the wishes of terminally ill kids on their 70-acre resort property. Eudy participated in the 5th Annual Hearts of Reality event, and welcomed fans to donate to the cause. Whether it was a way to redeem himself after he cheated on-screen by whispering an answer to Britney, or a way to do some good, we can totally get behind Eudy's charity work after Big Brother 14.

If you, like the rest of America, saw Frank as your favorite Big Brother 14 cast member, then you're probably more than happy to welcome him back to the house four years later, regardless of the sort of game he plans on playing to win. If you had a hard time recognizing him at first with all of his hair hacked off, you're totally not alone, but this time around sounds like it's going to be a real second chance for him, if he has anything to say about it. He plans to heed the advice of his mom and not be a tank top-wearing douche who works out too much, so that's already a huge plus. Let's just see if it sticks this season on Big Brother 18.