What Has Nicole Franzel Been Up To Since 'Big Brother 16'? She's A Bit More Grown Up Now

When the Big Brother 18 contestants were announced earlier this week, fans were collectively confused about the fact that there were only 12 houseguests announced. On the Big Brother premiere Wednesday night, though, we found out that the remaining four houseguests were veteran Big Brother cast members, including Nicole Franzel, who were also stowaways. But since Big Brother 16, what has Nicole been up to? She's been doing more than twiddling her thumbs and hoping for another shot at that $500,000 prize that the show is all about.

It's been two years since Nicole was on the show, but you know that this superfan was ready to drop everything when she got the call to come back. And another thing that has apparently changed with Nicole from Big Brother 16? The showmance she entered into with Hayden Voss. Now, before you shed some tears over the romance between the two houseguests while on the show and then for a little while after Season 16 ended, fans can take comfort in the possibility that Nicole is happy to be single. That is, if her claims on the premiere of Big Brother 18 of being "single and ready to play for myself now" is legit.

Nicole told Jeff in her catch up interview, "We decided to each go our own way for now." But other than exiting a relationship that garnered some pretty adorable Instagram pics and droves of fans leaving comments mourning the loss of their favorite Big Brother couple, Nicole is now an ER nurse, having finished the schooling she was in when Big Brother 16 aired. So, go her.

Nicole is also adamant about keeping the blinders on as far as boys and romance is concerned this season, which is understandable, since she's here to actually win this time, with no distractions. It should also be out on record that Nicole's messy bun game is on point. Like, really on par with the sort of Pinterest tutorials that don't work for anyone.

Since Big Brother 16, Nicole has been finishing up nursing school and then working as a nurse full-time, but now she's given up pretty much everything in order to return to the house as a veteran player and outwit a new cast of houseguests. Will two years and a bit of life experience be enough to help Nicole win Big Brother this time around? If she can enter into the right alliances and not get herself kicked off multiple times then yeah, she stands a decent chance.