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Alexis' Net Worth Is Complicated, 'Bachelor' Fans

By now, everyone knows her as simply the Shark Girl and while she totally claimed she was a dolphin, it's likely OK with Alexis Waters that her gimmick on Season 21 of The Bachelor worked. But as an aspiring dolphin trainer (does it really take so long to become one that you have to "aspire" to it?), what is Alexis' net worth? The Bachelor contestant is the youngest on the show this season, at 23, so it's understandable that she doesn't really have one right now. In fact, Alexis just graduated from Montclair State University in 2015, so aside from landing a spot on Season 21 of The Bachelor, the college grad has likely been doing a whole lot of unwinding, as is plenty necessary once you finish up a four-year degree.

But the fact that Alexis, who studied marketing, listed her profession for The Bachelor as an aspiring dolphin trainer, makes you wonder if that whole thing was just meant as a silly joke. She's totally allowed to have a love of dolphins (they are pretty great after all), but maybe the whole Shark Girl bit was just her way of standing out, given that there is literally nothing in her social media life to clue fans in on her desire to train dolphins.

But honestly, if that's the case, more power to her. The Shark Girl persona stuck and it enabled Alexis to get one of those elusive roses on the very first night that resulted in several teary-eyed contestants going home at the literal break of dawn. Which only means that not only was Alexis dedicated to her costume, but this girl partied in it all freaking night and still got a rose.

The whole point of the first impression on The Bachelor is to make a legit impression and leave a mark in the short time you have with the Bachelor before the first rose ceremony. That could mean surprising him with a sloppy first kiss (Corinne) or showing up on a camel (Lacey), but it also could mean dressing up in a silly outfit, allowing yourself to be referred to as Shark Girl, and making Twitter love you for your fearlessness. Oh yeah, and ensuring that you weren't part of the red dress brigade.

At 23 years old, Alexis is a recent college graduate and also the youngest contestant on The Bachelor this season, along with Hailey, Taylor, and Ida (eliminated). So she is obviously still working on figuring out exactly what she's doing and that's totally understandable. Alexis' net worth may still be a work in progress, but whether that changes because she becomes a dolphin trainer or works her way through the shows of Bachelor Nation, she's likely going to have plenty of supporters along the way.