Andrew & Amber On 'Teen Mom OG' May Not Have Met If It Wasn't For His Job

It might have taken a few seasons for Amber to find some stability on Teen Mom OG, but after she met Andrew and later found out she was pregnant with his baby, they made things work big time. Now, fans have tons of questions about him, like what is Andrew’s job on Teen Mom OG? You might remember Amber explaining how they met when he was introduced on the show last season. According to Amber, he worked on the set of Marriage Boot Camp, which she appeared in with her then-boyfriend, Matt.

When Andrew finally made his Teen Mom OG debut, he described his job as primarily having to do with camera work and lighting on different production sets. And according to Andrew’s IMDB, he has worked as a lighting and camera technician and cinematographer on a handful of full-length movies and short films. Most recently, he worked as the gaffer, or head lighting technician, on the movies Kiss Kiss and U.Z.L.A. Although his IMDB page doesn't specify what work he did on Marriage Boot Camp when he met Amber, it's safe to say that he was doing more of the same lighting and camera work that has made up the majority of his career so far.

Andrew’s work often takes their little family out of state, which works out since Amber doesn't have full-time custody of her daughter Leah. It seems to have forced Amber and Andrew to almost split their time between Indiana, where she lives, and California, where he owns a home. And so far, they have definitely made it work.

Andrew’s LinkedIn profile is a little bare, though you have to expect that with someone who has made a career in show business more so than the office. He does have his education at UCLA listed, however, and his profile says that he was the director of photography with Koala Kitten Productions until 2013. His profile also lists experience in editing and directing, so it's safe to say that Andrew is all about being hands on behind the scenes.

Teen Mom OG fans have seen little peeks into Andrew’s career on the show. Last season, he was offered a job in Los Angeles, which put him and Amber at a crossroads as to what to do about their living situation. The several month long gig would mean not only being away from Leah, but having their baby shortly after or shortly before the job started. In the end, Andrew decided to continue to pursue cinematography jobs in L.A. but divide his time between work and coming home to Amber. And, judging by Instagram, they have managed to make the arrangement work.

Although Amber still calls Indiana home and told Us Weekly last April that their son would be "a Hoosier baby" and grow up in her home state, the couple have spent time at Andrew’s home in L.A. too. Still, Amber has embraced the different lifestyle his line of work has brought.

"A lot of people… in that line of work… you just have to learn how to be apart from each other, which is obviously hard for me, cause I love being right next to him and he’s the same way," Amber told Us Weekly. "But I think I’ll be going with him sometimes to work and then sometimes not, but you know, this is his job and this is his dream and I’m not gonna get in the way of that… It’s OK."

The last time fans saw Andrew and Amber, they were figuring out a way to balance his career and their growing family. It seems like now they have found the happy medium, which includes Andrew continuing his career in film both on and off Teen Mom OG.