Bill Inoshita/CBS

What Is Frank's Job Outside 'Big Brother 18'? The Important Thing Is That He's Working Now

When you watch shows like Big Brother, you have to wonder what sort of jobs the contestants have to allow them to take an entire summer off work, or if they just give up their jobs altogether. In Frank Eudy's first appearance in Season 14, he played the part of jobless slacker pretty well, but coming into Big Brother 18, he's all grown up. So, what is Frank's job outside of Big Brother? He's a medical sales rep now, in full adult mode with a haircut and everything. Then again, three months (assuming he lasts that long) in the Big Brother house will probably allow him to let his hair grow freely again into its previous wild mess. But four years can make a big difference and as a houseguest once again, in Big Brother 18 this time, Frank finally has a job outside of the show.

So what is a medical sales rep anyway? The sales representative is hired by a pharmaceutical company in order to act as a liaison of sorts between them and the medical companies, figuring out which particular product is the best for which area you're trying to pitch and sell to. In most cases, they'll be spending time in meetings with both nurse practitioners and general physicians, presenting and promoting their products. So with the sort of salesman experience Frank has gained out in the real world, we can only assume that his ability to convince others that they want or need something will actually work in his favor now that he's back in the Big Brother house. Obviously it wasn't a part of some big long con, but being a medical sales representative certainly isn't going to hurt him.

Remember when Frank made his debut in Big Brother 14, looking every bit as disheveled as the better looking Carrot Top twin he appeared to be? And it was pointed out every time we saw him in the Diary Room that he was unemployed? It's got to feel good for the veteran to be able to boast about his grownup ways, but you kind of hoped/expected him to mature to at least some degree now. He's in his 30s now, so play time is over. Except, you know, all of the play time that comes from competing on Big Brother again.

Frank's job as a medical sales rep has very likely given him the chance to learn some skills he didn't even think he would be using on another season of Big Brother. For instance, negotiating, selling himself and others to those in his alliances, and you know, scheming. Because if you are on Big Brother, scheming and swindling other house guests is kind of the big picture.