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Here's What Mom Of Two Jamie Lynn Spears Has Been Up To Lately

The Spears sisters are two busy ladies lately. While 36-year-old Britney Spears has been occupied with a Las Vegas residency in recent years, 27-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears also has a lot going at the moment. In fact, she just gave birth to her second daughter last week. Aside from welcoming another member into her family, what else is Jamie Lynn Spears up to now?

Considering the fact that Spears only announced the birth of her second child last week on April 12, it's understandable that she wouldn't exactly be hopping right back on the train and letting her fans know exactly what she's doing. But, looking at what she had going on during her pregnancy, it's clear that the mom of two has been busy in both her personal and professional life. From performing in intimate venues to even bigger performances at iconic venues, Spears has had plenty going on recently.

But, what exactly has Spears been up to? Most fans will recall her starring role on Teen Nick's hit TV show, Zoey 101, and can't really picture her doing anything else. But in reality, Spears has grown a lot since her Teen Nick days and she's grown a lot as an artist since then.

For starters, after she ended her run on Zoey 101, Spears gave birth to her first daughter, Maddie, with ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge on June 19, 2008. The two had a tumultuous relationship and officially ended things in November 2010, according to Glamour. After that, though, Spears purposefully disappeared from the spotlight. In a 2012 interview with Glamour, Spears explained:

I was 16. I'd had one boyfriend. It doesn't make it perfect or all right. But I was judged for something that probably most everyone does. I was young. I was in love. I was like every other teenager, except I had this last name. And I made a decision that is forever my decision.

That decision she's talking about? Going public with her pregnancy, which she was later criticized for. Of course, now it's clear that Spears couldn't picture her life without her daughter Maddie in it. And after she gave birth, Spears decided to pursue something different.

Explaining to Glamour how she came to decide her next career move, Spears said in the same interview:

Music has always been close to my heart. Obviously Britney had been doing it, but I hadn't yet found a way to express myself as an artist. [My manager] said, "Why don't you come to Nashville?" So I started writing and performing songs, and people said, "These are really good." I've been learning from the best musicians. It's been like college for me.

After moving to Nashville, it's clear that Spears fell in love with singing and songwriting, and she's also found success in that venture. Obviously, singing and songwriting is a competitive career, but Spears has done well to make her mark in the Nashville music scene. She even co-wrote a song that was performed by Jana Kramer. Oh, and she's performed at the Grand Ole Opry. Ya know, no big deal, really.

But, it isn't just Spears' professional life that has been thriving.

Spears has been raising Maddie along with working on her music, and in the midst of it all, she met and fell in love with her now-husband, Jamie Watson. The little family has been getting along just fine, and in a TLC special, Watson revealed that he knew they needed to get married after he met young Maddie. "I knew I wanted to marry her when basically I had fallen in love with Maddie just as much as her," he said during the special, according to Us Weekly. "And I couldn’t not be a part of her or Maddie’s life."

Spears has a lot going on lately, and she and her family seem to be happier than ever.

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