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Liz’s Back Tattoo Has 'Bachelor' Fans Curious

Even though she was one of the more interesting contestants on The Bachelor this season and still went home fairly early, Liz was memorable in Nick's life before and during his time as the Bachelor. On Nick Viall's Women Tell All special, the lifestyle coach and all around do-gooder showed off another side of herself in the form of a fairly large tattoo, but what is Liz's back tattoo? The former Bachelor contestant has Twitter more curious than ever.

Judging by Liz's Instagram and website, aromancedlife.com, she's a total free spirit so it's not really surprising that she would dedicate part of her body to art, but before now, viewers hadn't really gotten a look at the big tattoo on her back. And even after the Bachelor Women Tell All special, viewers had lots of questions since it was still hard to see.

There are a few photos on Liz's Instagram of her back, showing off the back tattoo in question, but even super zoomed in, it's not totally clear what it is. From what I can see, though, it kind of resembles a tree of life symbol, which makes sense for the world traveler who seems to be on some serious zen levels most of the time.

Naturally, Twitter was all over it when Liz walked out onstage at the Women Tell All special, immediately curious about her tattoo because it was the next big thing to wonder about the former Bachelor contestant. You know, since we all know by now that she originally met Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding. Nine months ago. At Jade and Tanner's wedding.

While some fans on Twitter are just generally curious about Liz's tattoo on the Women Tell All special, others are certain that regardless of what it is, the size is very noticeable.

When Liz showed up as a contestant on Season 21 of The Bachelor, her profession was listed as a doula, which is true, but she also puts in time in other countries with humanitarian work, and also acts as a lifestyle coach and travel blogger. Liz's life seems to be made up of seeing and experiencing the world and having a back tattoo that expresses that too is almost expected.

On the Women Tell All special, Liz also gave a speech about women being able to be themselves and be unapologetic about that, so she has no reason to apologize for any of her life choices thus far.