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Prince William's Zodiac Sign Could *Not* Be More Spot On

Being the future King of England isn't a job that just anybody can do — and some men who've had the honor haven't done it particularly well. (Did someone say Henry VIII?) But based on his zodiac sign, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is destined to be just as beloved a monarch as he is a prince.

The Duke's June 21, 1982, birthday makes him a Cancer. And while the beginning and end dates for the sign can shift slightly depending on the position of the sun in a given year, according to AstroStyle, in Prince William's case, the sun moved into Cancer on that date 36 years ago. (Ask someone who remembers all the news about him as a baby, and they'll tell you they can't believe how fast time has gone.)

If you follow astrology, you might assume that only people born under the kingly sign of Leo (such as new royal Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex) have what it takes to be a great royal. But in fact, other zodiac signs embody qualities that make them good leaders; Prince William's Taurus grandmum, Queen Elizabeth II, has done quite nicely for the last several decades, thank you.

As a Cancer, the Duke is a complex and sensitive person (yes, the sign can be a bit "crabby"), but he's also gifted with a sense of responsibility and a warm heart. Here are some of his best Cancerian traits.

He knows how to take charge

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In astrological terms, Cancer is a "cardinal" sign, along with Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. The cardinal signs are natural leaders and instigators who are "happiest when running the show," explained ThoughtCo. The Prince showed his true colors (or colours, if you prefer) as a Royal Air Force officer who flew 156 search-and-rescue operations in his seven-plus years with the military, per The New York Times.

He's a loyal royal

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Another hallmark of Cancer is loyalty, affirmed Elite Daily. Once a Cancerian joins your circle of friends or colleagues, you know you can count on them. And as a member of the royal family, the Duke of Cambridge isn't one to shun his responsibilities. He even missed celebrating his birthday with his family this year, said the International Business Times, because he was busy at an event honoring a military veterans' rehab hospital.

He's devoted to family

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Cancer is one of the most domestic signs of the zodiac, explained Allure's astrology columnist. They love creating a warm home environment, and they're devoted to their family. Anyone who's ever seen the prince with his three beautiful children can vouch for that. "I adore my children very much and I've learned a lot about myself and about a family, just from having my own children," he said in an interview with the TV show Talk Vietnam, as reported by E!

His emotions run deep

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The Crab's nature is sensitive, emotional, and at times, moody, explained AstrologyZodiacSigns. They take their relationships seriously, and don't recover easily from heartbreak, per ZodiacFire. Sadly, Prince William suffered the greatest heartache of all when his beloved mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a car crash in 1997. "Never being able to say the word 'Mummy' again in your life sounds like a small thing," he told the Daily Mail. "However, for many, including me, it's now really just a word — hollow and evoking only memories."

He enjoys good food

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Each zodiac sign is said to rule a specific part of the body, and for Cancer, that's the stomach, according to It's not surprising, then, that Crabs enjoy preparing and eating a good meal. Lucky for the Prince, then, that he has the job perk of attending state dinners and having meals prepared by the finest chefs. But he's not a stranger to the kitchen, either. As reported by the Today show, Prince William recently told the host of a cooking competition that while he's not a skilled cook, he does enjoy making "a bit of roast chicken or steak. I like it medium rare. I like it quite alive." He's also no snob when it comes to dining; People reported that at an entrepreneurial forum, the Prince announced that he enjoyed eating at Nando's, a South Africa-based fast-food chain known for its spicy chicken.

He cherishes his marriage

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Cancers don't go halfway when it comes to romance, according to ZodiacFire. Crabs love deeply, thrive on affection, and bond closely with their partners. From all indications, that's true of the Prince's marriage to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. After seven years and three children (the youngest just a few months old), the royal couple still seem to be as much in love as ever. A communications coach told the Daily Mail that William and Kate's body language — turning toward each other, mirroring their hand positions, relaxed faces and bodies — are clear clues that they're comfortable and happy together.

He's all about charity

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The compassionate Cancer heart also translates into a giving spirit, explained ZodiacFire. When Crabs find a cause dear to them, they'll support it wholeheartedly. True to his sign's nature, William is involved with a long list of charities, according to Look to the Stars. Among them are Save the Elephants, African Wildlife Foundation, UNICEF, National AIDS Trust, BeatBullying, and, of course, the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.