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Here's How We Know Meghan Markle Is A Tried & True Leo

It's not exactly uncommon for little girls to grow up dreaming about becoming a princess someday, but it's pretty much the definition of uncommon for a little girl to grow up and actually become a princess — especially when that little girl is the American daughter of a single mom, like Meghan Markle. That's why it seems like Meghan's fairytale fate must have been written in the stars... because it sort of was. As a Leo, Meghan Markle's zodiac sign proves she was destined for royalty.

If you're a Leo (or are acquainted with any), you know that the celestial lion isn't exactly a background player type. Leo is the sign of crowns and thrones, leaders and luminaries. "Just as the Sun rules the solar system, Leo rules the roost as the zodiac’s reigning nobility," astrologer Christie Craft wrote for Nylon.

"Leo the Lion proudly wears the crown jewels as the kings and queens of the jungle."

Even before Meghan met Harry and began her official royal transformation, it seemed she was born to lead a less-than-ordinary life. Though she showed talent in a variety of areas, from blogging to fashion design to calligraphy, she could never seem to stay out of the spotlight. Clearly Prince Harry (who, don't forget, was starting to seem like he might do the playboy thing permanently) couldn't resist this fierce, fabulous lioness.

Thanks to Meghan's astrological pedigree, she was more than ready to take on the role of a lifetime. These are some of the ways being a Leo prepared Meghan for princess life!


She Loves Gold

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Gilded crowns, bejeweled rings... royal types have been rocking those karats since royal types have existed, and gold just happens to be Leo's signature color.

"Their Tarot card and planetary ruler is the Sun, because, clearly, Leo is the center of the universe," astrologer Annabel Gat wrote for Broadly. As such, gold tones are often associated with this sign.

Meanwhile, Meghan is such a fan of gold jewelry and accessories that the so-called "Meghan Markle effect" helped boost yellow gold jewelry sales in the first quarter of 2018, as CNBC reported.


She's A Magnet For The Spotlight

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There was no way this girl was ever going to lead an anonymous existence. "Leos can’t help but make a big splash, relishing any and every opportunity to steal the spotlight," wrote Craft.

"It’s no wonder that so many Leo-born people end up in Hollywood, politics, and entertainment in general."

Meghan gave up her acting career to focus on philanthropy and start what she called a "new chapter" with Harry, as Vogue reported. Still, from her days as a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal to her breakout role on Suits, it's safe to say she would've had a long and successful stay in Hollywood.


She Does Everything With Grace

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"As a Leo, Meghan's a natural leader who holds incredible social grace and emotional intelligence," astrologer Jennifer Racioppi told "She's socially aware, relationship oriented, and operates out of a sense of justice, which will help her navigate the nuances of royal life."

Indeed, Meghan has social grace in spades. Making the transition from TV star to full-time royal, which has included adapting her style to fit the Queen's dress code, giving up certain foods and probably learning all kinds of complicated table manners, can't be easy... and yet, she's making it look like a breeze.


She's Got A Big Heart

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"The body part associated with Leo is the heart," wrote Gat. "When a Leo isn't being an attention hog, they're quite generous, giving, and loving."

Even before giving up acting for charity work, Meghan was practicing generosity: She worked for such causes as women and children's rights and clean water with organizations including World Vision, the Myna Mahila Foundation, and One Young World, and she's even an advocate for the United Nations, according to Harper's Bazaar.