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Shep Rose's Net Worth May Surprise Some 'Southern Charm' Fans

If you’re one of the core cast members on Southern Charm, which is now already in its fifth season, then chances are, you know how to make a decent living for yourself apart from any show earnings. While some of the cast might come from wealthy families, like Shep Rose, he’s also managed to forge a strong and so far successful career path for himself. So it has to be asked — what is Shep Rose’s net worth? The Southern Charm star opened up a restaurant, The Palace Hotel, in Charleston a couple of years ago with the help of some friends and it continues to be a big part of his life. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shep’s net worth is $200,000, but since that was calculated around the time his restaurant was more of an idea than an actual thriving business, chances are, Shep is doing even better for himself these days.

It’s unclear what the cast members get paid to be on the show, if anything, although I would assume that giving up your privacy would warrant a paycheck. Not to mention the money he makes in the restaurant business. According to the Facebook page for The Palace Hotel, the restaurant is dog friendly and the menu includes an entire list of hotdog options, tacos and sandwiches, and some bottled soda for good measure. I highly doubt Shep makes frequent visits to the restaurant in his downtime, but it definitely seems worth it to go just to eat the food.

In addition to owning The Palace Hotel restaurant in Charleston, Shep also has a history in real estate. Back in April 2017, he revealed to Forbes that he was renting out his more centralized downtown home while living at a beach house instead. It’s not clear if he’s still doing that or if he’s been doing any real estate dealings more quietly, but the Vanderbilt University graduate has an impressive education and the experience to go far. He also has his own clothing line, called ShepGear, which is comprised mostly of T-shirts, tank tops, and trucker hats that Shep himself designed. Along with his clothing line, Shep’s talents seem focused on The Palace Hotel as well as some other local investments.

In January 2016, not long after the restaurant opened up, a fire broke out in an apartment above it and spread to the casual eatery below, which led to Shep temporarily closing it down. Several months later, a hurricane that hit Charleston further pushed back plans for a grand re-opening. In April 2017, Shep revealed to The Daily Dish at the time that the doors to the restaurant would be opening back up very soon.

It might have been a long journey for the Southern Charm star, but owning the restaurant seems to be a big part of Shep’s career. Of course, fans of the show also know him to be one of the more interesting, fun, and laid back cast members, but he also has an MBA in finance and has already put his degree, studies, and experience to good use.

According to Shep’s updated Bravo bio, "He's coming to grips with the fact that he's no longer a young man, but he also realizes that he'll never lose that adolescent spark and roguish spirit. So now, he must find a balance." Does that mean a more serious Shep this time around? I highly doubt that, but since he’s been more than willing to make a living on his own, he does seem to be doing some growing up in the best way.

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