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Is Stormi's Last Name Going To Be Jenner? The World Wants To Know

You guys. Kylie Jenner just announced the name of her baby girl, and it's so unique. Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed Stormi, their first baby into the world on Thursday, February 1, 2018, and anyone who is not a part of their most inner circle found out about it a few days later. Now that we know her first name, what will Stormi's last name be? It's no secret that the surname Jenner has a little more clout that Webster, but will the parents keep it traditional, or take a more modern approach?

First of all we should address this "Webster" that seems to have materialized out of thin air. Isn't Stormi's baby daddy's name Travis Scott? Well, yes, that's his stage name. The American wrapper's legal name is actually Jacques Webster, which IMO sounds way cooler than Travis Scott, but no one asked me so I'll shut it from here.

Then again, it is entirely possible that Kylie and Travis would give Stormi the surname Scott. Obviously Travis strongly identifies with this self-appointed moniker that he goes by these days, at least publicly, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a name that he preferred to give his little girl. Travis in fact confirmed that his stage name has a special meaning, and it entirely stems from an important figure in his life: his uncle. "My favorite uncle's name is Travis," he revealed to Complex. " The Scott comes from him, too, that was his nickname."

But is this love deep enough to justify passing a nickname-slash-stage-name to his new baby girl (pictured above)? Because let's not forget the power and prestige that comes from Stormi's maternal lineage...

Though Kylie is a Kardashian through and through, her legal surname is actually Jenner, which she inherited from her father Caitlyn (formerly Bruce). While it just may seem like Kardashian is the most powerful name on earth RN, Jenner has got plenty of prestige backing it and several famous faces tied to it, including Caitlyn and Kylie's big sis Kendall.

So Kylie may very well want to preserve her family's surname. Even though she does have a couple half brothers — Brandon and Burt — with kids of their own, who are passing down the family name, Kylie has always done (and probably always will) what she pleases. So if she is so inclined, I can totally see her making sure that her little Stormi has "Jenner" included in paperwork.

Then there is, of course, the all-powerful name Kardashian. To complicate things, Kylie is not even a Kardashian by blood. Wait, what? It is her mother Kris's former married name. Lawyer Robert Kardashian, who is the biological partner to older siblings Kourtney, Khloe, Kimberly, and Rob, passed away in 2003. When Kris married Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner, she took on the Jenner name, as did the two girls she birthed during that marriage, Kendall and Kylie. Confused yet? Cool.

Ok, so we've got a few options here: Stormi Scott, Stormi Webster, Stormi Jenner, or, it might be a stretch, Stormi Kardashian.

While each has its own special ring, it's likely that Kylie and Travis will opt for Webster. As unconventional as the Kardashians and Jenners can sometimes be, when it comes to their kids' names, they have all kept it very traditional. Kim and Kanye West's children, North, Saint, and Chicago, all have their father's last name. And Kourtney's little ones, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, all have taken their father's last name as well: Disick.

Then again, if Kylie's whole pregnancy and announcement are any indication, she is the one most likely to throw us all a curve ball with something totally unexpected.

Regardless of what Kylie and Travis choose, it's bound to cause quite a stir, which is par for the course in the world of King Kylie.

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