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What Is Taylor Doing After 'The Bachelor'?

After being unceremoniously booted off The Bachelor and left to fend for herself in a bayou, Taylor is the latest contestant to be eliminated after the oh-so-awkward two-on-one date with Nick and Corinne. But with the way her altercations with Corinne were escalating, it was really only a matter of time before one of them bit the dust. But now that she’s been sent home, what is Taylor doing now after The Bachelor? She is still working in the mental health care field, and she’s apparently been busy making a difference in the lives of those who need her. So even though she may have missed Nick at first, she’s obviously doing a lot to keep her mind off the way things ended in New Orleans.

At 23 years old, Taylor is one of the younger contestants this season on The Bachelor, but that didn’t stop her from getting two degrees already. According to her LinkedIn profile, Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Stevenson University as well as a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University that she earned in 2016. So while she is somewhat qualified to diagnose Corinne, no one likes to be talked down to like that from your competition, and on TV no less. Plus, I wouldn't say she knew Corinne well enough to make impulsive assumptions about her "emotional intelligence." But since The Bachelor, Taylor seems to have kept busy hanging out with some of the friends she made on the show, while also putting her degrees to use. So, go her.

According to Instagram, Taylor recently volunteered at Mary’s Place in Seattle, a shelter for homeless women and children, and even more recently took part in the Runway to Freedom fashion show and fundraiser to end domestic violence and help victims.

Since the filming of Season 21 of The Bachelor began in September and she only finished school in May, she probably didn’t have time to settle into her new career field before going on the show. But now that it’s behind her, that’s clearly what she’s all about.

Being eliminated from the show during the dreaded two-on-one date that probably feels like a cage match is never fun for anyone, and Taylor looks like she isn’t going to take it without some kind of fight. At least, the latest promo indicates that she'll pull a Chad and track Nick down for a chat during his dinner date with Corinne. (I'm sure that won't be awkward at all.)

But it looks like since she left The Bachelor, Taylor has been able to do what makes her happy and feel fulfilled in her career, and that’s way more important than fighting a couple dozen women for a guy.