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What Is The Blue Ribbon At The 2017 Emmys? Celebs Are Rocking A New Accessory

The Emmy Awards are finally here. But before the winners can be announced, celebrities have to walk the red carpet and go through some pretty awkward interviews. Tonight many celebrities are wearing a blue ribbon as part of their outfits on the red carpet. But what is the blue ribbon at the Emmys? The ribbon is meant to bring awareness to one very important organization.

The blue ribbon is worn in support for the American Civil Liberties Union, or the ACLU. Let's be real — the red carpet of the Emmy Awards is the perfect place to make a political statement. Millions of people will be tuning in to the Emmy Awards tonight — and therefore, it is a major platform for celebrities to use to speak out and bring attention to big issues. This is why celebrities throughout the night, including Padma Lakshmi, host of Top Chef, have chosen to wear blue ribbons in support of the ACLU.

The ACLU is an organization that fights for the freedoms of others who cannot fight for themselves. In today's political climate, supporting the ACLU has never been more pertinent. Unlike other accessories, this is one that pairs well with every outfit (and costs less than diamonds).

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This is not the first red carpet where celebrities have worn this particular accessory. At the 2017 Academy Awards in February, many celebrities showed up wearing these blue ribbons as part of the initiative "Stand With The ACLU." According to Vanity Fair, it was because the ACLU asked them to, stating they should wear them "as a symbol of solidarity with the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, which has worked for nearly 100 years to defend and protect individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution and law of the United States."

Celebrities next showed up to the red carpet of the Tony Awards in June wearing these same blue ribbons and showing their support for the awesome organization. More recently, during New York Fashion Week at the beginning of September, designers were asked to distribute the blue ribbons during their shows and visibly support the ACLU. According to Refinery 29, more than 50 designers participated in supporting the organization.

But these celebrities at the Emmys could not look any more amazing — and knowing that they're using their status to bring awareness to the incredibly important organization is awesome. Awards shows are now a place where celebrities can speak up (who can forget Meryl Streep's amazing Golden Globes speech?) about political injustices in America. And since there can only be one winner in each category, wearing the blue ribbon on the red carpet is a way for many voices to make that statement without giving a speech.

The outpouring of support from celebrities is ACLU-approved, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "We have been incredibly heartened by the outpouring of support for the ACLU from the entertainment community at large as we band together to protect and defend the rights and civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution for everyone in this country," Michele Moore, ACLU Chief Communications Officer, said in February after the Academy Awards.

The blue color certainly stands out on every tuxedo and gown it adorns — and it has a deeper meaning, too. The color blue has always been representative of the ACLU, being synonymous with its fight to protect the rights of others since 1920. If you're not going to be on a red carpet any time soon, but want to make a statement in support with your wardrobe, you can also buy a blue ribbon. The ACLU sells packs of these blue ribbons on its website — and all proceeds will be donated to support the vital organization.

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