‘Unexpected’ Star Emiley Has An Adorable Instagram

Unexpected is TLC’s answer to 16 and Pregnant; following the lives of pregnant teen girls, their boyfriends, and their families. They may be moms now, but they're still teenagers, so it makes sense that they have social media accounts. Emiley is no different. Unexpected star Emiley’s Instagram shows how much she already loves motherhood.

18-year-old Emiley and her new family are subjects of Season 2 of Unexpected. On the show she explains that she and her mother, Bridget, never had the “sex talk.” According to Planned Parenthood, Emiley wasn’t alone in that. A 2014 report about how parents teach their children about sex said that while 92 percent of parents talked about relationships and 87 percent discussed when sex should and should not happen, only 60 percent of parents talked about contraception with their children.

Before getting pregnant, Emiley told her mom that she would not have sex until she got married. But that's not what happened. She became pregnant while still in high school by her boyfriend, Diego, who she’d been dating since she was a junior and he was a sophomore. Emiley said it took her two weeks to come to terms with the fact that she was having a baby. “When I found out I was pregnant, I kept telling myself, like, I'm going to wake up and everything's gonna be okay," she said. "Like, this is not happening to me. This stuff doesn't happen to me."

Despite the initial shock, though, she, Diego, and her family welcomed baby Aria into the world on Valentine’s Day of this year. Ever the proud mom, Emiley often shows Aria off on her Instagram account. Here’s what I learned by browsing her feed:


She Loves Being A Mom

Almost all of Emiley’s photos are of Aria! Not only will this be fun for Aria to look back on when she’s older, but she’ll know how much her mother loved her from the very beginning. From the first announcement of Aria’s birth on February 14 to now, Emiley has shared dozens of photos of Aria alone or them together — and sometimes with Diego.


She’s Close With Her Pals

Having a kid means that Emiley is naturally going to be busier on a day-to-day basis than your average teen. But from the looks of things, she balances motherhood with friendships pretty well. In the interview with her hometown ABC affiliate KSWO, Emiley and Diego described being new parents and being on Unexpected. "It shows day to day roughness, the nice stuff and also so they can relate to somebody else out there," Emiley commented.


She's A Budding YouTuber

The KSWO interview gave a shoutout to Emiley's YouTube channel, which is filled with mommy vlogs. I'm sure being in front of the camera for Unexpected was good practice for Emiley in making her own videos. They can definitely be a source of solidarity for other teen mothers, or just other people who are expecting.


She Cares About Her Education

Completing high school is a difficult task for everyone — let alone new mothers. I remember stressing over AP exams and prom and can't imagine what pregnancy and childbirth would add to the mix. Not to mention the judgments from others. Emiley didn't let it get to her, though, and she showed off her walk on stage on her Instagram.


Diego Is A Part Of Aria's Life

Emiley's Instagram doesn't just showcase Aria, but sometimes Diego as well. From what fans know, Emiley and Diego are still together and raising Aria as a team. She's not afraid to show her "real life" on social media, which I appreciate and I'm sure other fans and mothers appreciate as well.

Fans can catch up on Unexpected on TLC.