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What Is William Hiding On 'This Is Us'? Randall's Dad Has A Secret

At its core, This Is Us is a story about the importance of family. And just like with most real-life families, you have to take the bad with the good. So as great as it has been to see Randall bonding with his biological father, there's a good chance that something is about to derail that budding relationship in a very big way. I say this, because it turns out that William has a secret on This Is Us. According to the newly released promo, Beth discovers something about William and threatens to tell Randall about it. So what is William hiding on This Is Us? And is it really as terrible as this quick clip seems to indicate?

The good news is that these promo reels are usually somewhat misleading, so maybe it's not quite as big of a deal as viewers are currently being led to believe. But then again, you never really can say for sure in regards to this show. And the fact of the matter is that — if Beth is to be believed — William has been keeping something hidden from his newfound family. The truth about his deteriorating health has already been revealed, so I doubt it has anything to do with his stomach cancer. But if it's not about that, then what is it about?

Naturally, the series left fans hanging, so no one will know anything for sure until the next episode airs. But given how adamant Beth is about telling Randall what she's learned suggests that it's something pretty big. "I've got to tell him," she states, with William pleading, "Beth, you can't do that." So whatever it is that's about to come to pass, it sure doesn't sound like it'll be good news. (When is it ever on this show?)

Let's just hope that whatever is going on here can be worked out and fast. I've loved seeing Randall and William grow closer, so I hate the idea of watching that special bond get ruined. Both characters have proven to be so great in their own ways, and considering that Randall has already lost one great dad in his life, it'd be a shame to see him lose another. Could this be what last week's episode was about? Randall was shown sometime in the not-so-distant future packing up William's possessions with tears in his eyes. I initially thought that it was because William had died, but maybe he's leaving because of other reasons — because of this secret.

I suppose this option is better than the alternative, but either way, I'd stock up on the tissues for whatever is about to come next. Something tells me you're going to need them.