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Costco Won't Be Open For Long On Christmas Eve, So Get There First Thing

As the hours till Christmas tick down, shoppers become remarkably efficient. With all the last-minute items that need to be picked up, this is no time to be browsing artisanal booths or bouncing from shop to shop in the mall. We need a one-stop place where we can get our pancake mix, a gift for the boss, replacement tree lights, and stocking stuffers such as fuzzy socks and gum. That's when warehouse stores become a godsend, and knowing Costco's Christmas Eve store hours can help us plan ahead.

Like most retailers and wholesalers, Costco Wholesale is open for a decent chunk of the day before Christmas, but if you were planning to swing by around dinnertime, you'll be in for a disappointment: According to Holiday Shopping Hours, which keeps track of major store and restaurant schedules, Costco will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve. You'll want to double-check this, of course, with your local branch (you can find their warehouse locations on the Costco website).

If you're thinking you might still be able to dash into the Costco warehouse early on Christmas morning for that one little thing you kept telling yourself not to forget (but did anyway)... not so fast. Costco will be closed all of Christmas Day, as are most other major stores and malls, so you better not pout and better not cry if you miss out on the chance to lug home a 24-pack of Red Bull or a super-sized pack of batteries for all those beeping, buzzing, talking, and rolling toys you bought for the kids. Still, if you're truly desperate for shopping options on the 25th, a number of supermarkets and drugstores do stay open.

You'd be wise to stop by long before the 24th, if you can, just to make sure you snag some of the deals going on now. Their gift basket selection alone is worth the trip, including a fun Moscow Mule Holiday Gift Set with a variety of snacks, a serving tray, and the traditional hammered-copper mugs for the cocktail. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches are $50 off for Costco members now through the 24th, according to their website.

For the late riser in your family, the iHome Bluetooth Stereo Dual Alarm Clock is $15 off, and its features allow you to stream music from iHeart and Spotify. The 6-piece Crabtree & Evelyn Mini Hand Lotion Gift Set would make a nice present for a teacher, and Costco's low price of $17 makes it even more appealing.

Really, you could do all of your holiday shopping at Costco and satisfy everyone on your list. They have comfy flannel pajamas for the comfort-lover, pretty decorative kitchen bowls for the entertainer, super-warm gloves for the skier, a wide variety of blenders and juicers for the one who always vows to start eating healthy in the new year, and all kinds of toys and tech for the kids (like this cool Wi-Fi drone). Does it really matter that you're not bringing your holiday loot home in a big store-logo shopping bag? As long as you've chosen your gifts thoughtfully, the rest of the trappings are just the icing on the holiday cake. I'd be delighted to know that a gift for me didn't break my giver's bank or take them forever to find.

Life gets crazy this time of year, and there's no shame in having to finish up your gift or party list at the very last minute. But the last-minute rush is stressful enough as it is without facing the locked doors and dimmed lights of a store that closed early for the holidays. Save yourself the agita and plan to get to Costco in the morning or early afternoon of Christmas Eve. Then go home and breathe a sigh of's over for another year.

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